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Using ‘Jobs to be Done’ Examples to Write Marketing Messages that Work

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Using ‘Jobs to be Done’ Examples to Write Marketing Messages that Work

Ever look at a landing page for an app and think ‘but what does this actually do for me?’ Below we’ll apply the jobs to be done (JTBD) framework to a list of third party integration apps for LiveChatinc and see the difference it makes to their product descriptions.
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We're there to do a job

I’ve seen many product pages yet I couldn’t figure out what they did.
I then thought ‘is that how people feel about Upscope'?
It's not easy to anchor ourselves on why we built a product when there's so much to do.
We’re there to do a job for someone.
What is the jobs to be done framework?

The jobs to be done framework is supposed to help decide what product and features to build.
Why is it so useful?
Here’s an example.

People would say they buy a lawnmower to “cut the grass,” and this is true.
But if a lawnmower company examines the higher purpose of cutting the grass, say, “keep the grass low and beautiful at all times, then it might forgo some efforts to make better lawnmowers in lieu of developing a genetically engineered grass seed that never needs to be cut.” Read more.
Use the jobs to be done sentence structure to start

This is a simple and effective way to figure out your JTBD.

We’ll use this to describe the apps further below.
Why apply this framework to live chat integrations?

They’re the perfect set of jobs to be done.
You have a core platform that has 3rd party integrations that do the jobs it does not.
Jobs to be done examples


What do Autopilot currently say?

What is the jobs to be done statement for autopilot?

When someone comes to the website but isn’t sure and does not buy, I want some way of automatically sending them educational material over many weeks until they understand the product and eventually buy.

What would the shorter marketing message be?

Automatically convert those who chatted but did not buy through email, SMS and Facebook ads.
This is fun to do. It’s a little arrogant to be rewriting other people’s ad copy but it’s an interesting learning process.
Why was this especially useful?
This was a tough one. I clicked through to the site, I read the details, I looked at the demo and I was still a little lost.
I think this is the ‘onboarding emails’ add-on to LiveChat which is similar to Intercom’s emails module.
In short, when a user signs up or has an enquiry, send them a series of emails to keep their attention and convert them into a customer or they’ll forget you.


BotEngine current message says:
It helps that we all generally know what bots are but I feel there’s that emotional edge missing from this ad.

The jobs to be done statement

When people ask simple questions repeatedly, I want them all answered automatically, so I don’t waste time and go crazy time writing the same thing again and again.

What would the shorter marketing message be?

Answer repeated questions automatically and don't go crazy typing the same thing
Bots are not difficult to figure out, they’re just tricky to get going. We tested out BotEngine for LiveChat, see how to set up a bot to answer common questions.



Jobs to be done message

When a user needs help, I want to see their screen instantly, so I can show them where to click without typing a long list of instructions.

Marketing message

See and draw on your customer's screen to guide them, rather than typing out long boring lists of instructions
This is our product.
I thought we did an ok job with the original ad but now I’m starting to wonder.
Sometimes it’s important to give them enough intriguing information to click to to the next step and read more. That said, is it enough information?
Is it better using jobs to be done?
We need to refine the emotional keywords but this jobs to be done thing works. Now I just have to argue with my teammates again. I’m not sure I can go through with that.

Google Analytics


Jobs to be done message

When customers chat to us, I want to see how many then go on to buy the product, so I can see if our chat is effective

Marketing message

Analytics to see how effective your chat is by seeing who goes on to buy
Note, this is specific to Google Analytics for Live chat. The first part of the Google's original copy is good as it talks about the impact of chat on sales but I don’t know what job the ‘gather valuable marketing data’ does.


It’s hard to know the result this app gets you from this copy but if we click through to the details and to their site, we see.
‘Capture all customer interactions and turn them into actionable business intelligence.’
‘Check out what are the most popular topics among your customers’
‘See what are the main areas of interest among your customers!’
‘Understand what led your visitor to chat and what happens after.’
Their Etsy use case brought up very specific points:
“Vendor feedback within forums was increasing; however, they had no way to analyze it”
“They conducted monthly surveys for consumers and vendors and had no way to detect key topics and trends — their data was expiring”

Jobs to be done message

When we’ve gathered too much feedback to easily analyse, I want you to paint me a picture of what they’re saying, so I have a simple list of what to fix

Marketing message

Automatically analyse your feedback to get a list of what to fix

Full contact

I know this company. I use their extension in Gmail sometimes. They’ll show me the job title or twitter account of someone who emailed me.
I think ‘Get additional information’ is ok but does not specify a job it does for you. On the details for that app they mention ‘use that data to provide more personalised support.’
However, it’s talking about data it gets you rather than a result or a job to be done.
Of course, it’s hard to summarise everything it does in one sentence.

Jobs to be done message

When someone chats with me, I want to know who they are so I can spend more time with serious buyers and talk about the right problems depending on their job title.

Marketing message

Instantly see who is important so you don't miss out on the largest clients


We all roughly know what a knowledge base is I believe and here it’s nice to have a specific idea of what this does. Managing knowledge is a feature rather than a benefit. Also, saying ‘help’ can be vague.
The knowledge base JTBD is similar to BotEngine.

Jobs to be done message

When someone asks a question, I want the system to automatically send them answers, so I only write them once and never waste time repeating myself.

Marketing message

In one click, send answers to questions that would take hours to answer
Combine the brilliant and simple APP formula with jobs to be done for better copy

I found writing JTBD statements for the above to be an interesting and rewarding process and it refocuses my brain on the original problem.
There’s an overlap between JTBD and another brilliant and simple copywriting process called APP.

What is the APP formula?

It’s a structure for writing article introductions made of ‘Agree, Promise, Preview’.
Make a statement they’ll agree with. Promise a result. Show them a rapid preview of that result.
This blog post began with an ‘Agree’ statement:

“Ever look at a landing page for an app and think ‘but what does this actually do for me?’
The full APP statement would be something like:
Ever look at a landing page and think ‘but what does this actually do for me?’ You can nail every landing page and write it 10X faster by following a simple sentence structure. The jobs to be done framework has changed both the building and marketing of some of the fastest growing companies in the world, below are examples and how to get started in minutes.
I didn’t follow this at the top because we’re talking about jobs to be done, which is not strictly for ad copy, so I didn’t want to exaggerate. Also, I kinda forgot and now don’t want to change it.
APP and JTBD have something in common. They both start with a problem statement and that’s generally the point of most apps, to fix a problem.
Read more on APP and some other copywriting secrets here.
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Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

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