Upscope is Evolving

We’re delighted to share with you the new and improved Upscope 🙌 This blog post will tell you everything about the changes, how they’ll benefit you, and why we’re making this move…
Cameron James
Cameron James
Upscope is Evolving

We're delighted to share with you the new and improved Upscope ? This blog post will tell you everything about the changes, how they'll benefit you, and why we're making this move...

Where we are currently ⛳️

For years now we've been building Upscope for one main workflow: helping agents identify their customers easily and jump into a cobrowsing session to see their screen. Useful for sales, onboarding and support functions.

This is still the primary workflow we’re catering for but we've also been experimenting with different ways of deploying our technology in alternate workflows. We've discovered these workflows whilst working with leaders across financial services, SaaS and retail, and they’re all pretty awesome! Naturally this got us thinking “why don’t we roll these out to more users?”

So we got to work and after a short while we began finalizing these features ready to launch in the Upscope app. But we had a slight concern that simply couldn't be ignored ...

Keep it simple

There was a nagging sense that flooding our existing app with alternate workflows, more buttons and additional features would make it unnecessarily complex for our users.

That's because we've noticed over the years that the typical Upscope user has one workflow, one reason they need cobrowsing, and one "job-to-be-done".

So it seemed silly to overcomplicate a platform that was already doing the job they needed it to do.

That's when we had the idea that we could separate each of our new workflows into 'products'. Keep things simple and have each person's job-to-be-done solved with a single product ?

So, how is Upscope going to change?

Upscope will still be the name of our brand. It's what you'll see on our website, our marketing materials and communications. However, the product and app previously called Upscope will be known as UserView, and it will now sit alongside 3 new and distinct cobrowsing products.

So let's show you the four Upscope products we'll be launching ? ?

Introducing our new products


This is the current workflow and use case Upscope users will be already familiar with. So there won't be any huge surprises!

UserView's goal is about allowing agents to communicate more effectively with their customer by seeing what they can see on their screen.

Great for onboarding and support, UserView allows the agent to easily identify a customer within a search dashboard, and then jump into a session.

Once both in the session, the agent and customer can communicate with each other with the added gift of sight. This makes explaining issues or overcoming roadblocks super simple. The customer doesn't have to tell them what the problem is, the agent can now see it for themselves.

With features such as the highlighter pen, and the ability to click, scroll, type for them. UserView allows agents to fully educate their customer on best practices when it comes to their company's website or app. UserView integrates easily with your favorite live chat software or CRM, so you can quickly initiate a session whilst having a chat conversation.

Cobrowsing API

The Cobrowsing API is the developer playground for those who are looking to create custom cobrowsing solutions.

With our REST API, developers can create native workflows for their agents to use. Great for contact center developers looking to add cobrowsing capabilities to their existing platform. Note: If you're looking for a plug & play solution, you won't want the API. (So you should check out the other three products!)


HelloScreen allows an agent to easily share their screen with the customer. This solves a huge problem for sales and onboarding agents who have just had conversations and thought "Ugh, this would make so much more sense if they could just see my screen!"

Great for showing off a sales deck, product specifications, or anything else that will build trust, and help communicate value to the customer.

HelloScreen is still in its final round of beta testing. Announcements to be made soon.


LiveDocument works a little like HelloScreen, in the sense that you can show a customer a file or PDF. Except we're building integrations with all the best CRM's where an agent can generate a pre-populated document or contract and share that with the customer. The agent and the customer can then work through a document, in real-time, scrolling, highlighting and signing together. Great for clarifying the trickier parts of contracts and going over the fine print.

In a similar fashion to HelloScreen, we're in the last rounds of testing. Announcements to be made soon.

And that's it! For any pressing questions you might have here are some FAQs ?

Q: Do I need to do anything?
A: Not at all! If for any reason there's a problem, please contact us via email using or the Intercom chat function on our website.

Q: Will this change the pricing?
A: UserView will stay the same price for current Upscope customers. The additional products of HelloScreen and LiveDocument are still in beta, and pricing is yet to be decided. We'll update you with this information when it's ready!

Q: When will this change happen?
A: Early December. We will announce it once it's been fully deployed.

Q: What is "Productization"?
A: Self-dubbed by us, this is the process where an application breaks down a large app into smaller and simpler products. We think of it a bit like Adobe's suite of products, instead of squishing all their workflows into one large Adobe Master App, they split the Adobe Cloud into Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Premiere Pro and many more. This allows the user to only pay for what they use, and makes the product more aligned with the job-to-be-done.

Q: Where can I ask more questions?
A: If you have any issues or questions about the changeover please email us:

Q: I'm an On-premise/REST API customer, will this affect me?
A: It won't! We're running the Upscope API as normal and this won't change.

Q: I use Upscope integrated with my live chat provider/CRM, will I need to change anything?
A: No is the answer! The only thing that will change on your end will be the name of the integration but nothing you have to worry about!.

Cameron James
Cameron James

Cameron is Upscope's Head of Marketing.