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On the spot education

With visual engagement, you may find that onboarding and support overlap to become a new form of ongoing education. Every interactive session becomes a chance to show a customer new features and upsell in a way that was not possible before.

Bridge Knowledge Gaps

No user should be turned off by your website due to lack of knowledge. Overcome tricky dashboards, forms and fields by clicking for them.

Onboarding one to one
  • Upscope Co‑browsing provides new opportunities to onboard customers. A new trend of onboarding users even for seemingly self‑service products is growing. Educating the user first‑hand is effective and now, given greater competition, also cost effective.
  • Rather than setting aside 30 minutes or more of a scheduled meeting to onboard a customer, customers can be taken through your site from start to finish in minutes.
  • It’s one click to see what they see, a second click to begin browsing with them and it works smoothly for incoming phone calls as well as live chat. They’ll build muscle memory in using the product and you’ll educate them on a wide range of features.
  • 43%
    Faster onboarding and support sessions.
  • 19%
    Increase in first time call resolution.
  • 10%
    Reduction in future support calls.
  • 4.8
    Avg agent session score out of 5.
Employees are happier with Upscope

Upscope Co‑browsing gets incredible reviews from support agents and managers of departments working with customers. Rather than typing the same set of instructions, agents feel as if they’re sitting next to a customer to direct them. It’s visual engagement that few other services come close to. It's about turning support agents into Super Agents.

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