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How Mercury Insurance supports customers, captive agents, and agencies with HelloScreen

How Mercury Insurance supports customers, captive agents, and agencies with HelloScreen How Mercury Insurance supports customers, captive agents, and agencies with HelloScreen

Who are Mercury Insurance?

Mercury Insurance, a prominent player in the insurance sector, has continually sought to enhance its customer interaction and internal support systems. Recognizing the limitations of traditional support tools and the need for advanced solutions, Mercury Insurance turned to HelloScreen for a sophisticated cobrowsing solution that could integrate seamlessly with their existing platforms.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting HelloScreen, Mercury Insurance utilized another communication platform, however, as their needs evolved, they transitioned to Amazon's omnichannel solution, Amazon Connect, for a more comprehensive service approach.

Unfortunately, Amazon's platform lacked cobrowsing capabilities, a critical feature for Mercury to effectively manage customer interactions and internal communications. This gap prompted them to seek a dedicated cobrowsing solution that could be integrated into their system as cobrowsing is vital to helping their customers.

The Solution

HelloScreen's cobrowsing solution was custom integrated into Mercury Insurance's system, enhancing their service capabilities in several ways:

  • Custom Integration: HelloScreen was meticulously integrated with Amazon’s services to appear as an additional tab next to live chats.

  • Live Observation Usage: The primary use of cobrowsing at Mercury Insurance is for 'live observation' of customer screens to be able to guide them when they’re having problems.

  • Diverse Applications: The cobrowsing technology is not only used for supporting insurance customers but also for supporting captive agents and for internal inquiries and IT support. Moreover, it is employed in one of their agencies for enhancing support and service processes.


The integration of HelloScreen's cobrowsing solution has brought significant benefits to Mercury Insurance:

  • HelloScreen “helps ‘jump start’ our support team…they save at least 2-3 minutes by just seeing what their customers are doing”

  • Enhanced customer experience by enabling real-time visual assistance.

  • Improved support for captive agents and internal staff, facilitating quicker resolutions to queries and problems.

  • Increased efficiency in handling IT requests and supporting agency operations.

Mercury were able to embed cobrowsing directly into Amazon Connect as an extra 'always on' type tab. It's like having a live observation window right next to the active live chat, whereby the agent can instantly see the problem and guide the customer.

Amazon Connect has no native cobrowsing capabilities and HelloScreen has become an essential integration.

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