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Upscope Co‑browsing is the simplest software for improving customer experience by seeing what your customer sees, instantly.

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"Co-browsing makes you feel like you're sitting next to your client."

Eliminate the
fear of forms

Help customers fill out applications, sign forms, and understand your terminology. Tackle roadblocks and confusion when reaching technical areas of your website.

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Secure and compliant
  • Wether it's banking, investment, loans, payments or insurance, you need secure and compliant support services. With no-download browser based Co‑browsing, you have complete control over data, including on‑premise options for added security.
  • Upscope Co‑browsing is trusted by both financial and health organisations worldwide because it’s ISO certified, HIPAA and GDPR compliant and built to allow complete control over data.
Control data using cloud, REST API or on‑premise

Whether you take up the standard cloud based option, use the REST API or require an on‑premise version, there will be options across all of them to control where data flows, what agents see and granular permissions on who can access which feature.

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