A better customer experience for insurance

When you're pouring out numbers over the phone your client is struggling to take it all in. Upscope Co‑browsing is for insurance agents and clients to browse, fill and point at the numbers together.

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Co-browsing makes you feel like you're sitting next to your client.

Eliminate the
fear of forms

Help customers fill out applications, sign forms, and understand your terminology. Tackle roadblocks and confusion when reaching technical areas of your website.

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    Overcome roadblocks and lower abandonment rates

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    Complete application forms faster

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    Personally explain terminology and wording

The simple win for customer experience
If moments of bad customer service are rapidly publicised on social media, so are moments of unique and great customer service
See what your customer sees. Instantly.

Upscope Co‑browsing allows your team to see what the customer sees in one click, without downloads and use YOUR mouse on their screen or vice versa.

Change the stereotype of support.
  • Rather than questioning them on where they’re stuck, you’ll see what they see.
  • You won’t need to ask anxious clients to download software, it’s instant.
  • They don’t need to expose their private desktop folders, it’s browser based. It’s support like they’ve never received before
  • 1

    An improvement in every major statistic

    Instant and interactive screen sharing naturally has an impact on unit level economics and satisfaction scores.

  • 2

    Customers will complete forms 30% faster

    By seeing what they see instantly and navigating with them, you’ll avoid having to guess at the problem or ask them to download screen sharing. Support sessions are 30% faster.

  • 3

    Lower abandonment.

    New software creates new habits. Supporting agents will spend more time using Co‑browsing to instantly help customers and customers are more likely to complete forms as a result. Form abandonment rates will fall, just as the speed at which forms are completed will increase.

  • 4

    CSAT and NPS scores improve.

    When security conscious customers don’t have to install screen sharing and instead get rapid precise visual support, you naturally get better NPS and CSAT scores as well as providing an overall improved customer experience.

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