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Partnerships help us succeed in bringing a sophisticated technology to the wide base of users that need it and we’d like to work with you.

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We work together with OEMs, software houses, resellers, distributors, systems Integrators, and more to provide fast and secure co‑browsing for your clients via our API and on‑premise deployments.

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    White label Upscope and integrate it within your technology.

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    Find pricing and discounts that work with your clients business models.

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    You can deploy securely on-premise, cloud only, REST API or a combination of the three.

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    Prioritised support and emergency access.


Embed Upscope in your omni‑channel contact center solution.

Improve your customer experience solution by adding instant visual support.
Add Upscope as an additional service to your suite of outsourced tools.
Build it into your custom solutions for the banking and finance industry.
Recommend Upscope as part of your operational and business efficiency drive.

Accelerate your customer’s digital engagement projects.

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