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Our clients use Upscope to help their busy, non-techy customers understand complex "stuff"

Our mission

Create a world where complex stuff is simple to communicate

We live in a world full of complex “stuff”—insurance, mortgages, financial services, technology etc. Upscope helps customer-facing teams in these types of businesses communicate better with their customers. Making the complex easy to understand.

Create a world where complex stuff is simple to communicate
Who uses Upscope?

Customer-driven Enterprises and SMEs

The people who get the most out of Upscope are Institutions and businesses that have complex products and non-tech savvy customers. Organizations deploy Upscope’s products because they want to deliver impeccable customer service, and make complex systems and products simpler for the customer to understand.

Customer-driven Enterprises and SMEs

What pain point do we solve?

Agents and customers get frustrated when they struggle to communicate. Upscope helps agents communicate visually with the customer helping them find success without relying on words alone.

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Who are Upscope?

Our team

A diverse team of fun, hard-working, talented humans who believe communication is key to happy customers (and agents). Upscope was born from the frustration of two startup founders who struggled to talk to their customers via webchat alone. So they built their own cobrowsing solution, which allowed them to see their customers' screens alongside webchat. It helped, (a lot), and when they saw others liked it too, Upscope was born.

Our team
Our North Star

Impact 🚀

We want to build a product your team will love using. So at Upscope, the only metric we look at daily is usage. If our customers use our tools every day we know:

  • It’s helping them do their job better
  • We're a natural part of their workflow
  • We’re building something that has an impact.
Impact 🚀
4.7 / 5 from 100+ reviews

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Upscope is used by hundreds of companies of all sizes to deliver an incredible standard of customer support.

  • "Our data shows Upscope has cut our onboarding team's call time by 27%, which is fantastic."

    Cainen Gerety
    EX Sales Manager at Square