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What is Cobrowsing? Screen Sharing Built for Your Customers

Cobrowsing is advanced new screen sharing built for customer support, sales, and onboarding. See our animated explainer on why it's instant, interactive and fairly incredible.


Why it's different to traditional screen sharing

Traditional screen-sharing works by streaming your entire screen to the viewer. This requires tons of bandwidth and leads to blurry screens. Cobrowsing is built for the web and works by grabbing the code that makes up a web page and then replicating it, pixel by perfect pixel, for the viewer. It's fast, clear and also means you can click, scroll and type for the user. You and them together.

Why it's different to traditional screen sharing

Get cobrowsing for your website or app

  • Easy install
  • See what they see
  • Scroll, click, type for them
  • Integrate with your existing support software

There's a fully customizable secure Co-Browsing API

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Embed anywhere with an iframe
  • Dedicated support engineer to help install
    Improved Customer Experience

    Improved Customer Experience

    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Increase Conversion Rate

    Increase Conversion Rate

4.7 / 5 from 100+ reviews

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