Selling with Cobrowsing

Your team's Close Rates could be 10-20% below what they should be

Prospects becoming distracted during calls? Cobrowsing makes remote selling 2x more engaging 👀

What is Cobrowsing?

To put it simply, Cobrowsing is a better way of "screen-sharing" with the customer. It's faster, less-blurry and doesn't require your prospect to have Zoom (or other third-party apps). You can draw on the customers screen, click, scroll and type for them too. Or you can share them your screen, using it like a white-board you can draw on. It works great alongside chat-based or over the phone sales processes.

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Why Cobrowsing for remote selling? 🚀

Remote selling is tricky. Your customer can be easily distracted during a slideshow or phone call. That’s why hundreds of companies have started using Cobrowsing to recreate the high levels of engagement you get from real-world selling environments. You can take your customer through a product “test drive”. You can draw on their screen (or yours) to add interactive elements to your presentation. You can show them (in real-time) the entire customer journey they'd go through with your service. All the highly engaging communication tactics a sales agent needs to succeed.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increased engagement on calls

    Capture your customers attention by walking them through your product. Highlight key elements, draw to draw to their attention, scroll and type for them This enables you to effectively educate them on all the features and benefits of your service.

  • No download screen-sharing alternative

    Screen-sharing is blurry, slow and requires a great internet connection on both sides. It also takes them away from site, making them download extra software. Co-browsing is faster, clearer and simply better. It also uses your own product for the sale, keeping everything on brand.

  • Integrate Upscope to work with your process

    We know that no two sales processes are exactly the same. That's why we've built Upscope to integrate with a number of different sales processes. Out of the box, or something custom using our REST API, perhaps you even need it to integrate with your chat software? Don't worry. We've got it covered.

The Impact

Sales teams typically see a 10-20% increase in conversions once they add Cobrowsing to their existing process. That's because they're able to fully communicate the benefits your customer can expect form your brand. Non-tech savvy users, customers with English as a second language, or even those unaccustomed with some of your industry terminology. All of these customers really appreciate the extra layer of clarity that Cobrowsing provides.

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