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Intercom screen sharing. Yes, you can see the user’s screen from Intercom in one click. Get Upscope.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Intercom screen sharing. Yes, you can see the user’s screen from Intercom in one click. Get Upscope.

Not only can you see the user’s screen from Intercom in one click while
chatting, you can also remotely take control and highlight where to go. You
can click and scroll for them. You can take your toughest non-tech customer
and without asking them to download anything, onboard and support them. Do
this with Upscope co-browsing
which is an official Intercom app.


Upscope co-browsing is the
modern INSTANT and interactive screen sharing built for live chat and is a
support and sales dream.


  1. View the customer’s screen in one click from Intercom to guide
    customers and solve simple frustrating problems without asking the customer to
    download software.

  2. Take control and remotely highlight, scroll and click for the customer on
    their screen as if you’re sitting there with them.

  3. No downloads needed. Automatically integrates with Intercom by pasting 2
    lines of code on your own website. That’s it, there are no customer or agent
    needed after that.

Who uses it and why?

Upscope is used by customer support, account management, sales and customer
success to effortlessly onboard new customers, do walkthroughs of your
software and fix problems of even the most difficult non-tech customers.

Users include finance, health, education, SaaS and e-commerce companies.

How simple is it to install?

The Upscope team refer to it as the ‘Beautiful integration’ because it
takes 5 minutes. Copy and paste the Upscope code below the Intercom code.

Contact someone at Upscope right now

The Upscope team uses Intercom and is based London. Message the team directly
from the home page.


See the simple pricing here:

Free trial

2 week free trial and if you need longer to evaluate it, let the team know.

How to get started

Go to and ‘start
your free trial’.

Testimonial page quotes

From Upscope testimonials page.

“We especially love using the tool to show off our features in walkthroughs”

“The ability to educate a user on unfamiliar functionality using the
spotlight tool has been incredibly beneficial in saving time”

“Upscope was easily the biggest quality of life improvement in my support
work. Because of it I longer have to rely on my guesswork or my customer’s
technical skill”

“So much easier and more time efficient than trying to get them to send us

“Upscope saves our support staff an enormous amount of time. Instead of
sending emails back and forth or having confusing phone calls, our team simply
logs into Upscope and gets an instant view of what is happening and can give a
quick tutorial to the customer.”

Overview and key questions

What is it?

Companies supporting customers using Intercom sometimes need to see the user’s
screen. With Upscope, they can click a ‘screenshare’ link in the Intercom
system on the right hand side during a conversation and see it. No user
install required. Instant screen viewing.

See the comparison chart below on how
co-browsing is the new modern form of screen
sharing built for live chat.


Can I ask for the user’s permission before viewing their screen? Yes.

Within your Upscope settings, you can set a pop-up box which asks the
customer’s permission before viewing their screen. You can of course leave
that off for faster support but most companies have it enabled.

Who are Upscope?

A London based company that has been running co-browsing for live chat on
Intercom since early 2016, based in Soho. See more.

How would someone get started with Upscope?

Create an account and you
can access the installation code. Paste that below your intercom code and
start viewing user screens.

Other questions and features

A lot of the information below can be found in the docs.


Upscope does not store any key user data, there is a full audit log, role
based access control, the ability to hide sensitive form values and more. To
further keep the system secure there is a 2 step email login, SSL everywhere,
nothing ever stored and ISO certified and audited. The office is located in
the middle of London and is equipped with CCTV and 24/7 security personnel.

See the full security page here:

If you have sensitive data you wish to hide from agents then Upscope allows
you to hide those fields from

Adding team members

You can have as many team members on your team as you wish. Upscope only
counts team members who actively screen share in that month, you can have as
many additional team members on your account as you wish without being charged

Multiple domains and teams

You can add multiple domains to a single account and have multiple teams with
separate billing.

Identify users

You are able to identify a user to make it easier for your agents to search by
name or email.

Learn more about why co-browsing is growing

Co-browsing as a form of instant screen viewing is leaving old school screen
sharing behind. Learn more about how it’s different and why it’s more secure:
A guide to co-browsing tools.

Get started with Upscope
today and start your 2 week free trial.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.