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Upscope for Enterprise

Enterprises often require unique Cobrowsing deployments. While these often achieve the best results, deploying them is a complex task. Often, product and engineering teams waste valuable resources experimenting with the best way to deploy Upscope.

Deploy with our help

In order to get you up and running with co-browsing faster, Upscope provides a “Done With You” enterprise implementation service. This saves your engineering team the headache of working out the nuts and bolts of implementing co-browsing within your tech stack.

With our experience of deploying co-browsing solutions, we’ll half the time it takes to get you up and running..

How we get started...

We’ll first set up an Infrastructure Overview session. This is to better understand how you and your agents require cobrowsing to fit within their workflow. Together we can then work out the best way to integrate into your infrastructre.

Implementation Plan

Using the information from the overview, our team puts together an ‘Implementation Plan’. This will be the unique blueprint for your deployment of Upscope, detailing precisely how we plan to seamlessly integrate cobrowsing in your system.

Security Checks

The standards of security and data protection have never been higher. Upscope boasts the most secure cobrowsing solution on the market. We’ll run through all the necessary security checks and measures your enterprise has in place in order to protect you and your customers.

Testing and Final Deployment

Alongside your team we formulate necessary experiments that will put your new Upscope powered process to the test. This usually consists of: 

  • Departmental stress tests 
  • Agent workflow troubleshooting
  • Overall architecture testing

Once everything has met your requirements we can go LIVE!

Ongoing Scaling and Support Plan

Finally, we formulate our ongoing support and scaling plan. While this varies depending on your needs we will always set you up with: 

  • Dedicated account manager 
  • 24/7 Emergency hotline 
  • Non-urgent engineering support 
  • Precise Documentation   

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