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HelloScreen Co-browsing

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  • See, draw, click, type and scroll
    See the customer’s screen in one click, remotely draw on their screen to guide them. Take control to scroll, type and click for them.
  • NEW: Co-browsing extension
    Co-browsing is normally for seeing what your customer sees on your website. Now, with the new Co-browsing extension, you can show them your own screen and let them co-browse with you across any website. It smoothes out demos, form filling, and getting clients engaged with a product. Onboarding and sales go faster and delight the customer.
  • SOC 2 certified, ISO27001 certified
    HelloScreen is used by banks and healthcare companies, and is audited and certified so you know you’re getting secure software that passes your internal security requirements. Get up and running quickly and feel confident it’s the best choice.
  • High-speed regional servers
    We’ve been running co-browsing software for a long time and we’ve learned how important speed is when customers have slower connections. We have regional servers across the USA and the globe to minimize lag and to allow you to keep data restricted within your local region, to abide by that region's legal requirements.
  • Uptime 99.998% at scale
    You can see our live uptime here: We service organizations with 100s of agents each and so our uptime and scalability has to be great as they are using us 24/7.
  • SSO / SAML
    Your team can use single sign on and accounts can be managed within your systems, without every team member creating a new account from scratch.
  • Browser to browser audio
    If you’re co-browsing and feel like you need to talk to the customer, you just click a button and it starts a browser to browser audio call. Then you can talk to them as you draw on their screen and teach them what to do.
  • Screenshots
    A number of our live chat integrations include screenshots. These are automatically generated screenshots of the pages the customer most recently visited, so you can see how they came across a problem without asking them.
  • Integrations
    We integrate with live chat systems like Zendesk, Intercom, LiveChat, Front as well as Salesforce and a number of other platforms. If you’re primarily talking to customers on the phone then you don’t need any integration, you can use our phone support code feature.
  • Power feature: Phone support code
    Customers are going to call you and you’re going to want to see their screen. That’s what the phone support code does and it’s one of the most effective and impressive ways to use HelloScreen. It makes it feel like you’re sitting next to the customer, guiding them.
  • Multi-agent
    You can have multiple agents co-browse with a single customer, giving you the ability to bring other team members into the conversation.
  • Team management
    Invite all you team members and assign specific roles to each of them.
  • Element and block masking
    You can hide sensitive customer data from your own team, during co-browsing sessions, at a field or block level. In other words, you can hide whatever parts you wish.
  • Developer console
    When there’s a bug, your dev team might ask “can they send us a console dump” and they’re basically asking for a list of javascript errors on the page. This feature lets you see and copy those errors, so that you can send it to the dev team.
  • Multi-teams
    In a larger corporation you might have several departments using HelloScreen, each with their own billing requirements. This feature lets you set up multiple teams with separate billing.

HelloScreen Enterprise

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per agent, 20 minimum agents

Everything in HelloScreen, plus:

  • Advanced user management
    Authenticate your agents with SAML 2.0 and customize access with multiple environments.
  • Audit logs and recordings
    Keep a detailed audit log of everything that happens to your account, and optionally record all sessions in video format.
  • Contracts and SLA guarantees
    Work with our team to customize your contract to ensure it complies with your regulatory requirements.
  • Dedicated CSM
    Make the most out of HelloScreen with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help with your implementation.
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