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Upscope Co‑browsing is the simplest software for improving customer experience by seeing what your customer sees, instantly.

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Every SaaS founder knows how important onboarding is to MRR growth

  • 1

    Identify Problems Fast

    Reduce support times and delight your community

  • 2

    Onboard and Educate

    Show users how your SaaS works as if you were sitting next to them

  • 3

    Frictionless Experience

    Offer that slick customer experience which gets customers talking about you

Help Build Your Customer's Workflow with Universal Proxy

With the Universal Proxy you can now help customers fully integrate your SaaS into their workflow. Guide them through processes and workflows on both your dashboard and external third-party websites. Co‑browse wherever your customer needs to go.

Bridge Knowledge Gaps

No user should be turned off by your website due to lack of user knowledge. Help them integrate your SaaS into their workflow with ease by seeing exactly what they see.

Onboarding one to one. Upscope Co‑browsing provides new opportunities to onboard customers. A new trend of onboarding users even for seemingly self‑service products is growing. Educating the user first-hand is effective and now, given the greater competition, also cost‑effective.

  • 30%
    Faster handle time while maintaining quality
  • 19%
    Improvement to first time call resolution
  • 22%
    Higher Net Promoter Score
  • 10%
    Reduction in future support calls
Employees are happier with Upscope
  • Co‑browsing gets incredible reviews from support agents and managers of departments working with customers.
  • Rather than typing the same set of instructions, agents feel as if they’re sitting next to a customer to direct them. It’s visual engagement that few other services come close to. It's about turning support agents into Super Agents.

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