Head of Customer Support

When your team feels in control of customer conversations, it makes the KPI targets work as well. Upscope gives your support team control.

Without Upscope

  • They spend hours typing instructions or verbally guiding customers without seeing what the customer sees
  • They need to repetitively ask questions like "Do you see an error?" or "Have you clicked on 'start'?"
  • They can't ask every customer to start a Zoom call or to "send me a screenshot"
  • The least tech savvy customer might require an exhausting amount of time to help

With Upscope

  • They'll never ask the customer to set up a Zoom call, they can see what the customer sees in one click, without downloads
  • The agent has an instant understanding of the customer's problem and can answer first time
  • The agent can remotely draw on the customer's screen to show them where to click next
  • The agent can be enabled to securely take control to scroll, click and type for the customer
The problem blocking support teams?
No context.

The signs a support team needs Upscope? 👇

  • Agents often ask customers "What do you see on the page?" or "Can you see...?"
  • Agents consistently complain about exhausting sessions with non-tech savvy customers
  • Agents feel anxious when handling a angry customer who doesn't understand the interface

What does this result in?

Less energy in responses

Higher average handle times

Higher staff turnover

Here is why they use Upscope

  • Without downloads, click once to see what the customer can see. (They don't even need to leave the page.)
  • Draw on their screen to guide them. If they still struggle, enable clicking to use your cursor to click for them.

Try Upscope and change your support team's lives.

There's low change management and training. It's a visual tool. It's Secure. Upscope is used by some of the largest banks and health companies in the world.
Run it for 2 weeks without charge and watch how your team reacts.

Customer stories

How DriveCentric provides superior customer support with Upscope

How DriveCentric provides superior customer support with Upscope

  • Customers arrive at an issue or a roadblock

  • They would reach out to the agent and communicate their problem via live chat

  • The Agent can now initiate an Upscope co-browsing session

  • Together they can find a solution in real-time

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How Freedom Debt Relief transformed their onboarding process with Upscope

How Freedom Debt Relief transformed their onboarding process with Upscope

  • Customers fill in an initial data collection form

  • An onboarding agent would reach out via telephone to qualify to applicant

  • Whilst on the phone, the onboarding agent would initiate a co-browsing session

  • From there, both the agent and customer will move through FDR’s onboarding slide deck until completion

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Upscope is used by hundreds of companies of all sizes to deliver an incredible standard of customer support.

  • "Our data shows Upscope has cut our onboarding team's call time by 27%, which is fantastic."

    Cainen Gerety
    EX Sales Manager at Square