Last updated on May 16th, 2024

Meet Katherine: our Customer Success Specialist

Katherine joined us last year as one of the two first hires in our Miami office. Her positive and bubbly personality brings great energy both within the team and our customers, making a great impact to both! She recently became a proud dog mum of a cutie named Linda that she rescued, and we can’t get enough of all the puppy snaps, wishing we also had one (or more) doggos in our London HQ… Anyway, grab your coffee (or tea or any other beverage of choice) and let’s get to know Katherine better!
Meet Katherine: our Customer Success Specialist

Can you introduce yourself?

I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and have been living in Miami, Florida for the past 3 years! We came here for my husband's law school education and because we love the warm weather! Outside of work I am obsessed with taking my rescue dog to various dog parks and beaches, reading and listening to as many books as possible, and teaching a weekly dance fitness class! It’s important to me to be active and fill my life with meaningful connections and activities. 

What is your role and what are your daily responsibilities?

My role at Upscope is a Customer Success Specialist! My day-to-day work revolves around ensuring customers are happy, engaged, and successful with Upscope’s products. Sometimes this means onboarding new clients, providing training and support sessions, or discussing client feedback!

How do you stay on top of our clients and ensure they have what they need? 

I ensure our clients have everything they need by maintaining regular communication through scheduled check-ins and real-time support. If you're reading this and we haven’t connected, email me! Let's chat!

What led you to pursue a career in Customer Success and what do you enjoy the most about your role?

I love connecting with people! Before Customer Success I worked in healthcare for many years, as well as recruiting. I loved the one-on-one interaction with clients and wanted to take things to the next level. Customer Success just felt so right to me and I feel so grateful to have made this transition. I have loved every minute of it.

You have actually set up your own business in the past, can you tell us more about that? 

A happy accident as I like to say! My husband and I have always loved animals and started dog walking, dog sitting, house sitting and it just sort of blew up! We ended up being the number one preferred dog care company of 2020 in the county we lived in. I learned so much through this experience and would do it all over again. Myself and my husband were both able to graduate college with zero debt because of it and I owe it all to this business we had.

How has your time at Upscope been so far?

Fantastic! I love the people I work with, I love the opportunity to share my ideas, and I love our product. What more could you ask for?

What do you enjoy the most working here?

The culture! I genuinely feel like we all respect each other, we all care about the work we are doing and we know how to have fun doing so!