11 Ways Companies are Creatively Using Intercom

Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

Get inspired by these tips and tricks from 5 Intercom users.


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Live chat technology has been all the hype for some time now. And as customers are increasingly demanding immediate attention, companies have had to adopt a new and creative live chat strategy, that builds relationships uniquely and efficiently.

By interviewing a number of companies using Intercom’s live chat solution, we’ve discovered some creative ways that’ll inspire you to use live chat to charm your customers and build relationships on trust, whilst adding a human touch.


Upscope’s co-browsing solution is known for improving customer success and sales, by allowing agents to instantly view their customer’s screens and interact virtually to guide them through unfamiliar interfaces.

1. Add small human touches

When customers sign up to trial Upscope they’re sent an email with a gif of their Upscope account manager (In this case Minh) waving.

It’s a small but personal touch that goes a long way.

As Upscope’s account manager gives demos to potential customers, this is where the relationship begins.

By having seen the person they’ll be speaking with, smiling and waving, as though she was in front of them, it lightens the mood, before any verbal interaction.


2. Pre-written messages saving customers time

Upscope is for seeing the user's screen from Intercom (and other live chat systems). It needs to be installed one time. If a customer is installing the code for the Upscope application, they have the choice between two buttons.

If they click the “I need help to install Upscope from my dev team” option, a pre-written email will pop-up to send to their developer.

See exactly how this can be done.

This makes it easier for some of our customers, as they simply have to type in the email address of the developer that they need help from.

This not only saves the customer time, but also makes it more likely that the potential customer will try out the product, making them more likely to purchase.

Simple for the customer and their dev team.


3. Intercom help pages also bring in new leads

On the Educate section of Intercom, Upscope has written articles to help inform potential customers about the application and what it can do for them.

By using keywords, many customers find the Upscope website on google by searching for something related.

Focusing on these keywords on Intercom educate articles not only educates and aids current customers, but also finds potential leads, effortlessly.

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Ahrefs is the SEO multi-tool that’s used by marketing and SEO professionals worldwide. By sourcing valuable information, that’s stored on a user friendly interface, it allows marketers to make informed data-driven decisions that accelerate the growth of search traffic to their websites.

4. In-app 'click to tweet' button that encourages shares

Ahrefs have cleverly used a creative in-app message, where they included a “Click To Tweet” feature.

The idea arose when Ahrefs wanted to announce their company’s key updates/success.

It just goes to show that people are happy to share your achievements, and promote new features that are useful to them, if you make it as effortless as possible.

Ahrefs use of a quick social media link, pre-written tweet and genuine tone, via an Intercom message, enabled their customers and database to conveniently share the good news on their social media.




Netguru builds digital products and helps companies deliver applications and services their customer will love. They are a fast-growing consulting agency with efficiency and innovation high on their agenda. They have been using Intercom in a range of innovative ways, that allow them to build trust with customers and potential leads.

5. Add an image with a quote to your in-app message

When you access Netguru’s website, you’re greeted with informative live chat messages, that allow you to read and discover more about Netguru’s process and use cases.

By giving a quick link to this information via Intercom, more potential customers are likely to invest their time into reading the blog posts and use cases, and further understand the ways in which Netguru can help them.



6. Some simple humour at the right time on the right page

Netguru’s interesting little touch on their career site via live chat, was genius.

Instead of just focusing on customers via live chat, they decided for this specific example, to focus on the potential candidates on their career page.

By placing a message, “Ask me a question, I don’t bite!” and adding a picture of their HR manager, Marta, they were swarmed with messages on their career page, as candidates felt more comfortable having seen a smiling Marta!

Netguru hasn’t iterated on that first copy, as the message was so successful.

7. Showing messages in the right language to the right people

Netguru is a Polish-based company, which is where many of their team members are recruited.

As a result, visitors to their career site are most likely to see a chat window in Polish.

However, many of their clients are predominately based overseas, and are greeted by a message in English.

The geographical segmentation allows Netguru to do much more, and provide two different languages to cater to the larger groups on their site.


The Survicate platform allows you to collect actionable customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction. The in-message surveys, feedback pop-up boxes and one click answers are hassle-free for your customers, and help you to better understand your customers’ needs.

8. Get information via surveys using Survicate

Survicate use their surveys via Intercom, for onboarding clients. By conducting these engaging surveys via live chat, they are able to process valuable information about clients’ needs and expectations. By getting to know their customers better on live chat, Survicate can cater to their specific needs.


9. Include those emojis in your conversation

Sometimes when contacting customer service, we can forget that we are speaking to a human being. Survicate’s tone is professional yet friendly, including sweet emojis. Their customers love the human touch in the conversations, which is reflected in their Intercom conversation ratings.



Wastebits is a web-based platform, providing a technical solution for the management of regulated waste. Whether a customer needs to locate a waste vendor, manage the documentation, or track the waste that has been sent, the Wastebits interface manages this all in one secure online application.

10. Tag customers who provide feedback and reward them

Wastebits use Intercom to communicate with clients, but have creatively used the tagging feature to specifically target customers to get feedback.

By identifying an “insiders” group, they now have customers that are happy testing and providing feedback for new features, allowing them to constantly improve their platform. Wastebits also throws in an amazon gift voucher for the select members that provide feedback!


11. Use those NPS surveys

Additionally, Wastebits uses Intercom’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, where customers can click a number between 1–10 to answer the question, “How likely are you to recommend Wastebits to a colleague?” By running this survey once in a while, Wastebits is able to track customer satisfaction, and how it changes over time.



Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

Natasha Hoke was Upscope's head of marketing.