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27 Companies Show you their Best Onboarding Emails

Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke
27 Companies Show you their Best Onboarding Emails

This roundup includes links to their full email templates for onboarding and specific lessons these companies have learned and collated.

1. All Upscope’s onboarding emails including the one that doubled installs

Upscope co-browsing is for onboarding and supporting users like they've never experienced before.

The Upscope onboarding campaign covers sign up, trial and purchase and includes a simple email that doubled installs.

See the entire onboarding email campaign here for Upscope Co-browsing

2. Groove’s “You are in” email was game changing

Groove lay out their main emails and tell us that the insights they got from their “You are in PLUS one question” email have been game changing for them.

3. Make every email actionable by Close

Close grew from a sales company into a sales software company (which can send drip emails) and you’ll notice that their emails are surprisingly different.

They aim to make their customers more successful through every interaction so every email they send is actionable and they promote their free products just as strongly as their paid ones.

Get Customer TV to Onboard Customers

It's now possible to see what your customer sees. Instantly. Without downloads.

Not only that but you can reach across the Internet and click for them.

Learn more about how adding vision changes everything

Or go direct to Upscope co-browsing and see it in action

4. How to write emails that pave the way towards action

“If you’re not familiar with something, confusing jargon, vague generalities, and abstract ideas end up becoming reasons to lose interest.

In email of course, those are immediate reasons to unsubscribe, delete, ignore, or even spam.”

5. Square’s email specialist and his multiple nudges

“People are busy (especially business owners) and sometimes need multiple nudges. Currently, we send reminders one, three, and seven days after signup.”

6. Persuasive SaaS onboarding emails: 10 conversion lessons stolen from attorneys

Build the first ten days of your on-boarding campaign so your user achieves the aha moment.

Intercom discovered that the first ten days after your new user signs up for your software are critical.

In this period, your new user is pumped to take action and use your app. This also covers how to figure out what that aha moment is.

7. Email onboarding flow used to get 40%+ open rates

This is a great comprehensive list of 13 emails along with commentary against each one.

8. We did these 7 things to a SaaS onboarding email sequence, and it tripled paid conversions

This one is very fascinating as they not only increased Wistia’s conversions by 350% but they did it by breaking the normally quoted rules on both selling methods and length of emails.

“As we work to grow Airstory, we see — time and again — that the biz gets stronger when our copy acts like our online salesperson… and results get crappy when our copy doesn’t realize it’s supposed to be selling”


9. Here are all of the emails we send at Drift

Drift listed all their onboarding emails and others are stealing them.


10. How to deliver the best customer onboarding emails

“All of these tips highlight one key point: the secret of successful onboarding emails that customer are glad to get, is simple. A great onboarding process consists of delivering value and education, to help your clients advancing into the deeper stages of your service.”

11. Eleven welcome email template examples that grow sales from day 1

“The welcome email is the most important email brands can send to new subscribers. Yes, even more important than all the broadcast, targeted and triggered messages combined.”

Also see, CleverTaps key advice and examples of welcome emails that work.

12. The killer strategy behind our new user onboarding emails

“Here at ProdPad, our emails are doing something right. People really like our automated user onboarding emails. They respond to them. They make complete strangers want to reach out to us. They’ve helped us double our conversion rate. These emails are on a mission.”

What’s interesting is that prodpad also broke down their user personas into 3 sections. They drew up three on-boarding personas rooted in their behaviour during the ten minutes after signup: Silent Shaun, Average Joe and Super Sally and then figured out a different path to convert the Silent Shaun and the Average Joe into a Super Sally.

13. How we increased engagement for our onboarding emails by 1213.3%

“That’s a 52.41% increase in open rates and 1213.3% increase in click-throughs. Today, I’ll reveal the exact strategy we used, including the exact emails we’re sending, and how you can do the same.”

14. Best practices for a successful onboarding series

“Subscribers are generally most receptive to your marketing messages within the first 30 days of opting into your program, so the emails you send during this time play a critical role in turning these new subscribers into active subscribers and customers.”


15. Bulletproof user onboarding

“The lesson, in short, was…When you address UNCERTAINTY with FLEXIBILITY, you generate RESILIENCE. And this, dear friends, is a quality I often find sorely lacking in many on-boarding experiences.”


16. Everything you should know about customer onboarding emails

“You might offer an app that can do 100 different tasks, but the tasks you should introduce your customers to are those required to get started, or basic steps that help the user get familiar with your product. Ask yourself, what does a new customer need to know to get started? Focus your email efforts on those features.”


17. Why onboarding is the most crucial part of your growth strategy

In my role as Growth Advisor-in-Residence at Greylock, I talk to startups in the portfolio about getting new users to stick around. Through many failed experiments and long conversations poring over data and research, I have learned some fundamental truths about onboarding. -Casey Winters


18. 14 Welcome email examples that build trust with subscribers

“With these examples of welcome emails, you’ll be able to tweak your own welcome and onboarding strategies to give new email list subscribers a better experience.

You’ll also learn some useful welcome email best practices to guide your own welcome email strategy.” — Sharon Hurley Hall


19. 10 user onboarding best practices for retaining your new and existing customers

“You wouldn’t keep filling up a bucket full of holes without stopping to plug them, you shouldn’t keep growing your userbase if all your users have only ever logged in once.” -Craig Morrison


20. Don’t go overboard with your onboarding

“There is a balance to be found between too much and too little. The problem of choice is not necessarily in number as it is in the manner and form in which the information is presented.”

21. Designing a great onboarding experience

“The decision of signing up or making a purchase is a difficult decision even on the simplest apps. Trust is the most expensive gift users could give to you, so make sure to convince them you deserve it.” -Anthony Miller

22. The art of customer on-boarding using email nurturing

“A customer is truly acquired when he/she actually uses the product and achieves their first success. And that’s the goal of customer onboarding.”


23. 14 Overused sales email subject lines your prospects are sick of reading

“Emails often live and die by their subject lines. If reps want their buyers to actually click “open,” they should avoid these lines like their quota depends on it.”

24. Here’s where UX is going in 2018: Top 7 design trends

“It never hurts to be prepared to embrace upcoming trends likely to enhance end-user satisfaction. Even so, it’s not always easy to predict what design trends will dominate and drive the user experience for the upcoming year. But it’s inevitable that changes in technology will play a significant role in how design trends evolve in the future.”

25. 7 Apps that excel at user onboarding — and what we can learn from them

“You don’t have to guess at the effectiveness of your user onboarding experience when you can get feedback from actual users on a realistic, but easy-to-tweak prototype.”

26. Your 7 step essential user onboarding checklist

“User onboarding sets the tone of your relationship with your new customer, and sets their expectations of the quality, value and usefulness of your service.”

27. The anatomy of a perfect email onboarding flow

Some users like a product but are not ready to convert so send ‘Win-back’ emails 7, 21 and 90 days after their trial ended.


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Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

Natasha Hoke was Upscope's head of marketing.