8 Landing Page Animated Explainer Videos that Nailed it

Last updated on June 10th, 2023

Minh Saggers
Minh Saggers

People like cartoons. They grew up with them. They learned from them. It’s in our DNA to pay attention to them, and that’s why companies use animation to sell. These videos will inspire you to show the benefits of your product through animations you yourself would stay focused on.

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From the music to the transitions, DFINITY’s video is futuristic.

Taking an abstract and minimalistic style, they’re able to describe their concept through fluid and compelling design.

[disclaimer: I know nothing about blockchain and yet I could not help but watch this all the way through and include it in this list.]


This human-centric video is heavily stocked with high-quality animation and incredible detail, making it easy to commit your attention to.

Nexmo clearly explains something very technical by using a results-based narrative, centralising their focus on the real-life situations.


Solving a simple yet universal problem, DocuSign securely transfers documents and signatures, allowing for efficient and safe document management.

Their dynamic animation jumps you straight into a narrative of Danielle. This sets a basis for the problem to be wrapped around a story, making it easier to follow.


Wecinity connect locals together, giving them the opportunity to give what they have to offer in exchange for what someone else has.

The video does a great job of explaining the app and the various purposes it serves, from buying and selling to swapping goods and talents.

Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos are a team of creators who work with companies to create explainer videos.

Bringing together smooth transitioning and clean narration into a detailed animation, this is their own video which showcases the design they bring to their work.


An SEM marketing tool, Ahrefs can boost your rankings by giving you the knowledge of high-performing keywords and content, and provides data on backlinks and rankings.

Made by Logic Motion Graphics, this video gives a nice overview of a feature-filled product, using testimonials to show what you can achieve with Ahrefs.

BNA Smart Payments

BNA Smart Payments specialise in international eCommerce, allowing businesses to sell abroad without the extra fees and costs.

Their approach is more explanatory than most, using a spinning globe to explain the focal point of their product.

Eat it! Video by Genius Publicity

Genuis Publicity animate perfectly the feeling of indecisiveness, keeping the video dynamic but easy to follow, with a connecting format to bridge between the shots. An eagle-eye perception of food that puts you in the all too familiar position of deciding on what to eat.
Minh Saggers
Minh Saggers

Minh Saggers is Upscope's Head of Operations