9 Viral Video Hacks That Actually Work

Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

It’s difficult creating a video, let alone a viral video. But, according to Karen X Cheng, there are some steps to take that will boost your chances of creating a multi-viewed, successful viral video.


This article is part of the ‘How To Create a Viral Video for Your Boring Product’ series by Upscope, a service to effortlessly guide website visitors from sign up to purchase using modern instant screen sharing.

Key Points

  1. Always make a marketing plan. No matter how amazing your video may be. It goes without saying that you need to put in the effort, the same you did with your video, in marketing… Don’t rely on luck.. Rely on a good marketing plan!

“It’s better to try your damnedest and fail than to hold back and always wonder what if.”

  1. Understanding HOW things go viral on the internet. Shockingly enough… this is where marketing is key..

Share your content for god’s sake… Reddit and Hacker News. Contact bloggers and blogs that in some way relates to your video. Even get friends to share it…

  1. Release on a Monday or Tuesday. There are two types of people… People who watch some Youtube videos at work, and people who lie about watching Youtube videos at work.. Tuesday is actually the best day, as people aren’t as busy going through emails from the weekend..
  2. Who has a stake in your video? Link your possible sponsors. Say for example, you wear a pair of TopShop jeans. Link Topshop. They might even help market you. Contact them and ask them to share the video. Some will, some won’t… But it’s worth a try.
  3. Create a good video. So, let’s be honest. If your video isn’t great, then no one will care about it.. Say you get your friends to share it. Only the video itself will get their friends to share it. Create emotion in your video.. What emotion do you want people to feel when they watch your video?
    “Some emotions spread better than others. Emotions that spread: awe, excitement, amusement, anger, anxiety. Emotions that don’t: contentment, sadness.”
  4. Tell a Story. People want stories. That’s why people watch TV shows, movies and read books.
  5. Make your video shorter. People look at the length of a video before watching it. By shaving off even a little time, you’re making people more likely to watch your video. However, don’t ruin the story by making it shorter.
  6. Your title needs to be something catchy.

“Here’s a bad title: My Journey of Dance, a Year of Movement

Better: I Learned to Dance in a Year

Even better: Girl Learns to Dance in a Year

Best: Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (TIME LAPSE)”

  1. So, what do you do when you go viral?

Don’t be disheartened if people criticize you. They will. Everyone has an opinion. The main thing is, they are talking about it.

  • Link to places like your blog, your website etc.
  • Make sure the media can get in contact with you easily.

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Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

Natasha Hoke was Upscope's head of marketing.