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An MRR growth machine using Aircall and co-browsing

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
An MRR growth machine using Aircall and co-browsing

Every company founder knows that, given 5 minutes to show all new users the
product and answer their questions, they'd nail their monthly recurring
revenue targets. The problem is that setting up lots of screen shares each day
is a teeth grinding process. Below we'll show you two apps that make product
walk throughs effortless because each step is instant, there's no setup, no
downloads, no fear that it'll fail to work and no waiting. Traditional phone
systems and blurry screen sharing tools are dying, this is the age of VOIP and
instant interactive co-browsing.

Even billion dollar companies grow demo by demo

Intercom grew into a billion dollar platform but just look at this quote from
their co-founder about how they grew:

I know most people are looking for our “one top tip” or the magical “hack”
that got us customers, there really isn’t any one thing. We grew email by
email, Skype by Skype, webinar by webinar, and looking back I can’t distill it
down to any one thing.

Des Traynor, Co-founder Intercom

Setting up walk throughs of your product using traditional screen sharing is

It's grinding.

You go back and forth to schedule where and how you'll do the demo.

When it's time, you have to use a 3rd party software, go to some other link,
download some software.

Then there's the fear it might go wrong and then maybe the client will see a
blurry screen which makes the product look average.

After that, you end up lecturing them on how it works and they tune off at
some point because they're struggling to listen as they're not actively

You don't have to do this any longer.

Combine Aircall with modern co-browsing and you get effortless and interactive
walk throughs

Aircall is for
talking to your customers instantly.

Co-browsing is for seeing their screen instantly and highlighting where to
click next

If you combine them, you get a pixel perfect interactive walk through of
your product which is started and completed in 5 or 10 minutes.

There are no downloads. No setup nonsense.

Why companies are using Aircall


Aircall is
growing rapidly because it lets you start a phone call instantly from every
major software system out there like Intercom, Slack, Hubspot and more.

With Aircall, you can set up a call center for your whole company today.

You can create phone numbers for 40 countries.

You can route calls to the right team member.

You can secretly talk to your team member as they're on a call to advise
them in helping a customer.

See Aircall's full set of great

Why co-browsing is growing so quickly

Co-browsing is the new interactive screen sharing built for the cloud.

Old school screen sharing was built for desktop apps and you need downloads to
see the whole desktop but for cloud apps you can do an entirely new instant
and interactive type of screen sharing.

With Upscope co-browsing You instantly see
the user's screen, highlight where to go and the user clicks there.


If the user is still lost, you take control to scroll and click for them.

It's pixel perfect because it passes the original page code over from
agent to user and makes your product look great.

There are no downloads, no setup, no going to a third party link. It's built
your website.

Learn more about Upscope co-browsing

An example of a smooth demo process for teams

Calendly + Aircall + Upscope co-browsing = smooth process

  1. Have clients book time with your agent through

  2. Call them using Aircall.

  3. See their screen in one click with Upscope

The only thing your team member needs to do is turn up and make the call or
even receive the call depending on the instructions you add in Calendly.

Our own process at Upscope is to use Calendly with instructions to come to our
home page and message us on our live chat when they want to start the walk

We then begin the co-browsing session and make the call over the browser. It
works well because they can turn up when they're ready and we can get on with
our work until they arrive, there's no waiting around.

What will happen to your conversion and retention

Remember how the iPhone meant that more people bought music rather than tried
to download it illegally for free.

The iPhone made it easy to click, download and listen.

When you make something easy to do, people do it more.

When you make walk throughs of your product easy, your team will do more of

When you do more of them, you convert and retain more customers.

Here's how you learn more about Aircall and Upscope

We recommend seeing the Aircall list of features here:
It's a great product.

For Upscope, have a look at our home page
including the video and how it compares to screen sharing. There's also a
further guide to co-browsing.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.