Last updated on July 6th, 2023

Co-browsing for Insurance Companies

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Co-browsing for Insurance Companies

Insurance agents and claims processors need help in presenting policies, completing forms and gathering documents and that's why they're taking up Upscope co-browsing.

Presenting policy options

Life insurance agents, for example, have the most difficult sales process especially in the new age of telesales. It's difficult to drag a customer onto Zoom, get them to install or update software and finally get them on camera or using screen sharing. Upscope allows agents and customers to see something without being seen. They can present and interact with a pixel perfect presentation, build trust and get on to submitting applications sooner.

A problem of forms

Even those comfortable filling in forms would take a step back at your average claims form and naturally we all have questions.

The speed and clarity at which those questions are answered will make all the difference to that customer's experience.

A customer experience they won't forget

There's a sense of dread when asking for support because of the expectation of long wait times and bad support experiences.

Co-browsing is currently a unique experience for 99.9999% of the world.

Having someone instantly highlight where to click while talking you through a process is a zen like experience getting teams 5/5 in customer support surveys.

Trust and security that financial institutions appreciate

Traditional screen sharing requires downloads and while co-browsing does not have that issue, the key questions around co-browsing security centre on data storage and transfer.

Financial institutions are concerned with what data is stored, how data is transferred, who is doing that transfer, whether they can block off sensitive fields from agents, whether they can control agent permissions and more.

Upscope is based in the heart of one of the financial capitals of the world, London and is used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

See more on why Upscope is one of the most secure co-browsing solutions.

Get started with Upscope co-browsing

Contact the Upscope team via their live chat and a member of the team will answer your key questions.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.