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Customer Interviews on How and Why they use Co-browsing

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Customer Interviews on How and Why they use Co-browsing

We've been talking to customers and taking notes. See below some of the raw
notes taken from our interviews.

If you're new to co-browsing then please see for a rapid
overview of what it does and how it works.

Medical company

These notes below are from an interview with a medical software company used
by GPs to book appointments and manage their patients.

They use Upscope to screen share with their customers so they can see what
they're seeing like bugs or behaviours not meant to be happening.

Upscope is a massive tool for them which they use multiple times daily.

Upscope makes their jobs easier especially with people like doctors and
admin staff who are already very busy
, and not super tech-savvy and struggle
to pinpoint what the exact issue is.

Most customers are quite receptive to co-browsing. Some ask about seeing other
tabs. They like the fact that they don't need to download anything which
is a huge benefit for customers.

An invaluable tool they use all the time and she thinks their jobs would be a
lot harder without Upscope

Workforce management software

Upscope has made a massive difference in turn around time for phone calls.

Their biggest pain point was the ability to understand where the end user
was in their workflow process

Success for them is ease of use, to provide assistance without aggravation,
for the calls to go easily and for the processes to be completed successfully.
It was a previously frustrating process.

They would not have gone for us or any other product without masking features
which they use heavily and which were essential to their security heavy
product. They chose Upscope because someone did a full analysis and saw we
had those security features and went with that

Their users are heavily non-tech as they are often miners etc who normally
"get their more tech savvy partners to do the online stuff".

Membership management software

Interview with one of the founders who implemented Upscope in the beginning.

They mainly deal with non-profits.

They use Intercom for all co-browing sessions and support and only sometimes
on the phone. They don't use Upscope's audio call feature as most clients do
not have microphones or are not set up to use that.

They use Upscope to provide support to new clients, they have a mix of non
tech savvy and tech savvy customers

They prefer to use Upscope to highlight rather than take control of the
and click for the client.

A measure of success for him is that using Upscope requires a low amount of
friction with customers who are not tech-savvy
, they don't have to install
anything etc. And it works seamlessly with their workflow that he doesn't
really need to think about it. No issues to report as far as he's aware.

They like Upscope because they don't have to "think about it". It does the
Only 1 incident of real down time.

He first found Upscope because someone was supporting him using Upscope and he
said "WHAT IS THAT!"

Online business cards

Their toughest users barely know how to refresh a page. These users can take
an hour or more to guide around which is 10X the others. Mostly older users.

Upscope is an educational channel at times.

Agents used to spend up to 2 hours on the phone. They were frustrated.

They use the Upscope screenshots feature and at least one staff member uses it

Surprisingly, handle time rose with Upscope but so did sales.

They are seen as a service /support but they do impact revenue because there
is an overlap.

She loved the ctrl button when she first came across it - click 5 times and
code pops up and you can ask the customer to read that code to you
. Great.
Simple. Helped convince her of the convenience of it.

Building the habit of using Upscope is tough with existing agents who are not
used to it and is easier with new agents. It would be good to prompt them if
they've been on a call too long.

Financial loans company

They mainly use the Upscope support code because they talk on the phone rather
than via live chat. Non-tech people do take a lot longer to support.

Their handle time went DOWN not up using Upscope. They expected it to go

It's an essential tool for them. Older customers do struggle more.

They don't need more information. Customer support reps are OVERLOADED with
information from apps so a visual aid like Upscope is different

He was not aware of the Upscope screenshots feature and will check them out,
they sound like a very useful feature.

If he could have support people type and click for customers he would but it's
a legal requirement for people to fill in the form themselves so they mainly
direct them. they can't so they mainly just direct them.

Tax company

When you’re helping people deal with years of financial information, it’s easy
for them to feel overwhelmed.

By using Upscope, they've been able to guide their customers through complex
or confusing tax scenarios, regardless of where the client is physically

That’s incredibly important when your clientele are expatriates scattered
across the globe.

Upscope has the features that we need to walk through forms and steps with
people, but what’s truly key is that it’s so user friendly that we can get
to work quickly.

It’s okay if a client isn’t especially tech-oriented—they can still figure out
how to share their screen or view ours. Last but not least**, the security
factor is essential.** Our clients trust that their most private financial
information will stay private.

Hospitality work management

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful impact Upscope has had on our
onboarding process


Before using you guys we would try various video conferencing tools, depending
on what device/browser/restrictions the user had.

Getting them to share was a nightmare so we'd just do it and they'd watch. Now
they just log in to our app.

We ask them on intercom to share their screen, and within seconds we are
helping them to navigate the app on their own and build the right habits.

I'm sure there are some stats on call time and cost of acquisition. But for
us, that seamless experience for the customer, regardless of their tech
is just fantastic."

Large Insurance Company

"We love UpScope, it’s a far better than the product that it’s replacing in
every single way.

I love the Team member management a lot as well as the rights management
features. It works well with our model of support."

Real estate platform

Why did the real estate platform choose Upscope over Full Story?

FullStory has a "live" feature but it was not working properly and they could
not interact - scroll click etc.

Full story had a lot of reports and analysis and they did not use any of it
because their primary purpose was to provide support.

They chose Upscope because it does the job. Its value is far beyond the
price. They do not even remember what Upscope cost
. Upscope was simple.
Other apps like Fullstory do lots of things they don't need.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

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