How to Repurpose Written Content on Social Media

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024

Consistent, original content is a difficult thing to sustain. So is it okay to recycle the same media, reshaping it to fit the channel? In this two-minute video, Gary Vaynerchuk explains why he’s an advocate for both reusing the same content and creating unique pieces.

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“Should I be writing unique content on Linkedin & Medium, or is it ok to repurpose the content I’ve already published on my blog?”

#### TranscriptI’m am a believer in both, the truth is we’ve been testing both as a team, specifically on medium and LinkedIn. I feel very comfortable in cross-pollinating because I do think that there’s some intellectual, above the brow, kind of similarities on Medium’s a LinkedIn.

If you said Medium and Snapchat, the same one minute video, I’d feel uncomfortable because I think the context of the room is different. I think Medium and LinkedIn are similar, So, if you feel like your audience and the context of the room, the vibe when you go into it, are similar, then I think you can get away with it.

So, we look at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium having similarities, but you guys see what I’m doing on Snapchat, I’m not going to do the same stuff on Snapchat that I’m doing on Medium and LinkedIn, I feel fine with that.

Now, I think we’re doing it because we’re busy as crap when we’re pumping out a ton of content, you’re different to me, the people are different to me.

If you have the time, I think it’s amazing if you could start the article with two or three different lines in the first sentence and maybe even an acknowledge — I’d love to start doing more stuff that 99% of the article is the same, but maybe the first two sentences are similar — y’know I’ve seen a lot of
“People on LinkedIn do ___’.

All of a sudden, you make it very contextual, if you’re doing it on Linkedin, or ‘a common trend that we’re seeing on Medium is ___,’.

That’s why I believe there’re some interesting, contextual things that you can do upfront that an extra sentence or two that makes it even more native.


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