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How we got 61 Reviews for our SaaS Product in 2 Months

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
How we got 61 Reviews for our SaaS Product in 2 Months

People are busy and may love a product but get dozens of requests for reviews.
After a year we had crawled to 8 reviews on Capterra. Then Capterra offered to
give $20 gift vouchers to every reviewer and we gained 61 more in 2 months.
Below, see the process and email template we used.

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Why it's difficult to get reviews even if they love you

People are busy.

They get a dozen review requests from a dozen different softwares. Every app
on my phone seems to ask for a review. Take, take, take!

Most companies have product advocates who will be the first to leave a review
without even being prompted. Then there's a silent over-emailed majority
who may love the product but need an extra nudge.

Capterra know this, they want to capture the market and so they offer some
companies gift vouchers to pass to their users.

Capterra's offer

This is the email Capterra sent us.

There was some back and forth with their team member and in short you get
100 gift vouchers for 100 reviews to use over 3 months.

Please note, I don't know if they offer this to everyone but they can't have
known how many customers we had or our revenue figures the time. Maybe if you
get the first few reviews, that's a good signal to their team.

Why it's better to use Capterra than offer it yourself

This is my theory.

I don't want to take $20 from a company I like.

If you're a company I like, I want to leave a review but not because you're
offering me $20. It feels like I betrayed that relationship slightly.

If Capterra is paying and not you, that makes it easy.

The other benefit is optional anonymity. If I'm not a fan of your product and
bit of a coward I can say it straight without giving my name. If I am a fan or
simply a feedback monster, it can be under my name.

What email did we send to our users? Capterra's email

Capterra have probably a/b tested this to death so we used their email
template rather than make our own.

We did add our own subject header that said "$20 for your opinion?" (at least
I think this was ours. @joe? I should be able to @joe from a blog post and it
notifies him. Is this the next billion dollar idea or Fyre festival?)

Benefits of getting more reviews

  • Getting more reviews means you rank higher on Capterra. Top reviewed sites
    are shown as alternatives or simply the top products.

  • Oddly enough, we don't have traffic coming from Capterra but we've had
    larger companies contact us since we've had more reviews. I suspect that
    checking reviews is part of a buyer teams process.

  • There might also be some SEO benefits due to the backlinks and association
    of our keywords like 'co-browsing'.

  • It's a useful marketing tactic. We've added a link to Capterra as a source
    of "Independent reviews" on our testimonials page.

  • You get great honest feedback. We can use the reviews to analyse what people
    really think and want. Internal surveys are useful but if half the 61 reviews
    all mention the one missing feature they want, it does not require much

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Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

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