Last updated on March 22nd, 2024

Minh's journey with Upscope

We recently had a chat with Minh about her career journey so far here at Upscope. She’s pretty much been here from the start, our first employee, holding the fort together and being a part of everything through thick and thin - she’s experienced it all. That’s why we thought she'd be the best person to speak to regarding career growth and development - she came in as a fresh graduate, and now after nearly seven years, she’s recently been promoted to Director of Customer Operations.
Minh's journey with Upscope

The last seven years have been hectic, chaotic, fun and enlightening. Although Minh is currently still working, she’s also enjoying some well-deserved time away in Vietnam, backpacking and exploring her way through the country.

What is your current role at Upscope and what does it involve?

After expanding our Sales-function at the end of 2023, I’ve been promoted to Director of Customer Operations. I am managing the customer facing teams, including sales, customer success and support - this means that I am heavily involved with all our customers. I am also responsible for designing and implementing a well-rounded customer journey, and producing material needed to support our customers through it all - from prospects to renewals.

In addition to this, I am also holding company-wide training sessions, which can be on anything from communication to different softwares that we use.

How has your journey with Upscope evolved since you joined?

Starting as a Customer Success Manager, my role was pretty much a mix of all customer-facing roles, mainly sales. I also had a lot of responsibility within operations, which made me realise I really enjoyed putting different processes together, making everything work more efficiently. 

As soon as we expanded our Sales-function, and hired individuals with focus on sales and customer success, I moved to focus on operations.

We quickly realised we needed someone to manage the customer facing team, someone who can help to unify the team and move us all in the same direction. This was when my current role was born - I get to work with almost everyone in the company, including collaborating with Joe and Pardeep to figure out what direction they want to take the company, and coordinating the team/tasks to ensure that we get there!

What initially attracted you to Upscope, and have your expectations aligned with your actual experience?

This was my first office-based role, so I didn’t really know what to look out for in terms of a good employer/company… When I first met the guys (Joe & Pardeep) I felt like they were fun to talk to - although a little concerning that Pardeep openly said “wait a minute, let me just google some interview questions!”.

Looking back at that interview, after knowing them for so long, I can see they have always been unapologetically themselves from the beginning - honest, open, somewhat chaotic (there’s no creativity without chaos!), and very caring.

I had no idea what to really expect, but it’s amazing to see the evolution of everything. From the revenue, to the team, and everyone’s personal development. It’s great to be a part of it all.

Can you recall a specific project or task that significantly contributed to your development?

The coding course really helped me with understanding the product (HelloScreen). It also allowed me to give better demos and support in the initial stages with our customers. By knowing more than what’s necessary, you understand the whole concept even more. This also helped me with understanding what was possible with the product when talking to the development team.

How does Upscope as a company support employees in achieving a work-life balance, while also pursuing professional growth?

I think the work-life balance is great! Day to day we’re not expected to work solidly for prolonged periods of time, and are encouraged to take breaks - also being able to work from home if needed. Being able to travel for this long also makes me love working for Upscope more (I am away for around two months, and booked my trip with no return!), and has been an unexpected motivator to push it forward.

Can you share any challenges you’ve faced in your career here, and how Upscope has helped you overcome them?

Moving from one role to another (my current management role) has been quite daunting at points - learning entirely new skill sets and having to fail sometimes and be accepting of that, can be emotionally draining. Luckily, I am not the only one going through such things - the guys have been through it a lot themselves; they are understanding, encouraging and provide guidance, leaving me feeling supported and motivated to push through and focus on improving.

Where do you see yourself in the business in the future?

I see myself continuing on this path of managing the customer facing team. I want to build something systematic, where everyone knows what they’re doing, also knowing how the other teams within the business operate too.

What advice would you give to new employees looking to grow and advance their careers within Upscope?

Be uncomfortable, and learn to love it! Upscope is still a small business, which means two things; we’re nimble and sometimes move very fast, and you’ll most likely progress quickly as we grow, which means you’ll be learning new skills and doing new things that you’re not remotely familiar with.

Letting yourself be uncomfortable is the quickest way to grow both for yourself, and your career!