Last updated on July 6th, 2023

Mobile Phone Co-browsing is a Game Changing Customer Experience

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Mobile Phone Co-browsing is a Game Changing Customer Experience

Convincing someone over the phone that your service is the one to purchase is tough.

You're just a voice on the phone to them.

Upscope mobile co-browsing has changed the game for financial services by 'showing the customer what they're getting'.

It's a customer experience few have had because the average buyer is not running Zoom screensharing on their phone.

Very few people have ever experienced mobile screen sharing, let alone co-browsing. Most screen sharing sessions take place via Zoom or other providers directly on desktops.

Setting up screen sharing still takes several steps and permissions to enable fully and most agents and clients are not set up for screen sharing to mobile phones.

Co-browsing does not require extra permissions as it’s re-rendering a web page and is embedded directly into a website. You can start a session with 1 click which is essential during a sales call with a client you need to keep engaged.

How Upscope helped a finance company explain complicated terms and processes over the phone

One example is one of the largest US debt relief companies..

  1. Convincing someone who is in debt, over the phone, to start putting money into a new escrow account as part of a debt relief process is hard.
  2. Clients need a customized presentation for their specific situation or they lose trust and tune off.
  3. They already receive dozens of calls and have lost trust of incoming calls as they may be companies chasing them for payments.

Upscope's mobile co-browsing has given debt consultants the ability to share a customized presentation to their client’s phone within seconds and then browse through it together as if they’re sitting next to each other.

Upscope’s technology is the way screen sharing was supposed to be. Instant, no-downloads, pixel perfect, works on mobile and desktop, allows agent custom guidance notes for agents and allows both sides to click and scroll together on the app when needed.

Debt relief companies saw the value, integrated Upscope and now hundreds of debt consultants use Upscope as a core part of their process to significantly increased their completion rates.

Giving a call back to those who sign up to financial services

In debt relief, 70% of clients were filling in website application on their phone and receiving a call back from a debt consultant.

However, even though the client made the application, there were still issues in getting the client to trust the debt consultant and complete the process.

When the key issue is trust, education and needing guidance through processes, it’s helpful to do more than talk to someone over the phone. You need software which fixes the core problem of ‘being on the same page’ and that’s what Upscope co-browsing does.

You can now show client’s why they can trust your process.

Why Upscope has led the way in mobile co-browsing

Mobile internet speeds are typically slower than desktop broadband, and there are a variety of phones with different processors with typically one of safari or chrome installed.

Upscope was built to provide maximum rendering speed for users on mobile browsers no matter where they were located across the globe. How?

  1. Upscope built local servers to carry the co-browsing session within each local region meaning a user in San Francisco will be served by the San Francisco server, rather than one in New York. This makes the experience 1 to 3 seconds faster, removing lag, during every step of the call. Without this, users and agents experience significant and visible delays in page scrolling and mouse movement.
  2. Co-browsing requires re-rendering a web page from a user’s screen to an agent’s screen. Upscope’s earlier work with slower connections with customers in low bandwidth zones resulted in greater compression of that code to enable faster rendering due to a much smaller overall package being transmitted.
  3. Upscope has been run for 10,000s of hours of mobile co-browsing sessions across devices enabling Upscope to fix the key initiation, lag and technical issues typically encountered.

Learn about the full process that companies are using to significantly improve their close rates using Upscope by booking a demo with our team.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.