Last updated on July 6th, 2023

On-premise Co-browsing

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
On-premise Co-browsing

Who needs on-premise co-browsing? Is it secure? What are the benefits? Can I customise it? How do I get started? Read more on on-premise co-browsing below.

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Benefits of on-premise co-browsing

On-premise is essential for organisations that, for compliance reasons, need all data to remain within their own infrastructure.

An on-premise co-browsing solution can be quickly added to your system without a large upfront investment in development.

Who wants on-premise solutions?

On-premise co-browsing is often sought after by those within the banking, medical and customer support sectors that want to integrate co-browsing technology into their systems or processes.

How is it priced?

It depends on volume and whether additional changes are required. While typically it's based on per seat pricing it can be capacity based.

Data location

With on-premise, all the servers would be located within your own private cloud.

Data Security

Co-browsing offers superior data security when compared to regular screen sharing as the only data your organization has access to originates from your own website.

You will not have to worry about unauthorized access to user's computers, and you will have the ability to hide parts of the page (such as credit-card forms, or PII) for additional security.

On-premise architectural options

There are several options on architecture depending on what you need.

Our on premise solution is designed to maximize security while reducing the amount of components needed to run the service.


There are several options on architecture including:

Data service on premise + Cloud.
Data service on premise + Upscope API.
Data service on premise only.

See more on each of these options by looking at our co-browsing on-premise deployment doc.

Can I customise it

Upscope's on-premise co-browsing allows you to fully customize the experience for user and agent so that co-browsing looks and feels like an integral part of your system.

What's an alternative integration to on-premise?

The Upscope REST API allows you to create a customized experience for agents and users without the burden of hosting the server. Co-browsing can be integrated into your system without any DevOps needed.

ISO27001 / SOC2 certified? Hipaa compliant? Yes

Upscope is ISO27001 and SOC2 certified and HIPAA compliant. In addition, with on-premise, all the security certifications you hold will apply to the co-browsing system too.

Continuity provision

Upscope on-premise solution is completely standalone from our own infrastructure and will continue working even in case of Upscope downtime.

Get started with Upscope on-premise

Ask your first set of questions on our live chat from our home page or email Mention on-premise and we'll get the right person to answer your questions.

Read more about Upscope's on-premise and whitelabel options here.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

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