Re:amaze is a Great Alternative Live Chat App for E-commerce and SaaS Companies

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Why is Re:amaze different to Intercom, Drift, Livechatinc? How does it compare as a live chat app?


All these live chat apps began with different roots

Intercom started off as a customer messaging platform focused on the drip process and sending in app messages. They pivoted to include helpdesk and FAQ.

Drift started off as something very similar to Intercom’s later evolution but pivoted to be more bot focused and is now generally more for sales.

Livechatinc which has always just been live chat and they specialise in it.

Re:amaze started off as a helpdesk, it’s their bread and butter and they do it better than Intercom, Drift, and Livechatinc because they’re natively multi-channel helpdesk (shared inbox).


Re:amaze offers two modes of live chat.

  1. Real time messaging like intercom where the customer experience is always on
  2. Classic enterprise chat where there’s a waiting queue and is 100% session based.

Re:amaze offers a real time dashboard to help businesses monitor online customers and the ability to send them one-off or automated messages.

They also offer FAQ management. It’s a near-complete ecosystem when it comes to helping customers and they deliver it in a more cost-effective pricing structure.


What sets their live chat apart from the rest is that one live chat (either real time messaging or classic live chat) is the foundation for a lot of their other features.


Businesses can have classic live chat on but when no agents are online, Re:amaze will automatically fall back to real time messaging, which then falls back to email. This gives customers instant access regardless of the business’s availability.

This also gives businesses a peace of mind when it comes to receiving incoming communications.

Re:amaze automatically reaches out to customers

Re:amaze Cues gives businesses the ability to create rules and conditions so that their live chat system can automatically reach out to customers.

This essentially becomes a marketing, sales and conversion engine used in on-boarding and lead nurturing. Beyond that, their live chat script can power a business’s FAQ right within the chat experience.

Loved by both E-commerce and SaaS companies

Re:amaze works with a lot of E-commerce companies because they have the right integrations in place


They also work with lots of SaaS businesses, competing right next to Intercom and Drift with zero additional funding and delivering features that make positive impacts on business workflows around the world.

They’re definitely the smaller of the 4 but pack quite a punch and have always been of the mindset that great conversations create happier customers. All their features reflect this mentality.


More great news? Re:amaze also works with Upscope co-browsing so you can see the user’s screen as you chat as well as take ‘remote control’ to onboard them and close deals.

As a first step, learn more about Reamaze and get a demo with their team.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.