Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Secrets of YouTube: What makes a video go viral

Minh Saggers
Minh Saggers
Secrets of YouTube: What makes a video go viral

Creating a viral Youtube video can feel impossible. According to a Youtube
Manager, there are ways to improve your chances of making your content seen.
Discover these 4 tips to make a viral Youtube video.

This article is part of the ‘How To Create a Viral Video for Your Boring
’ series
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A Youtube Manager shares her top tips on what makes a video go viral.

Key tips:

  1. Instead of asking What will make my video viral? You should ask, What will
    make people want to share this? People want to share something meaningful or
    valuable to them.

  2. Work with people who already have a large audience. Try asking a YouTube
    video creator who could easily spread your message.

  3. Quantity and Quality. Both matter. Quality doesn’t have to mean expensively
    produced video. That being said, you should aim for regular engagement with
    your audience. So think frequent posts and high quality message.

  4. Build for web and mobile. With so many on smartphones, you need your video
    to have an impact on a smaller screen.

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Minh Saggers
Minh Saggers

Minh Saggers is Upscope's Head of Operations