Last updated on June 13th, 2023

The basics to creating a Viral Video for any industry

Minh Saggers
Minh Saggers
The basics to creating a Viral Video for any industry

Virality is a complicated goal. No matter the industry, it can be tricky. What
if there were a few guidelines to help you on your way? Duct Tape Marketing
have narrowed down some key tips to create a viral video for any industry.

This article is part of the ‘How To Create a Viral Video for Your Boring
’ series
by Upscope, a service to effortlessly guide
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‘Viral videos are the result of a perfect storm of great timing, off-the-wall
creativity, pop culture and internet sharing habits. Some videos may even be
the result of expensive advertising campaigns’

  1. Timing: Sometimes, the timing of a video’s release can change
    everything. If you release something related to Star Wars, three days before a
    new Star Wars film is released, it is guaranteed to get lots of views.

  2. Pop-culture expectations: Tap into pop culture. Many people like
    watching something that has a catchy song they know.

  3. Off-the-wall creativity: Sometimes a shock factor. Videos that make you
    say “What the hell did I just watch?” can sometimes become viral videos.

  4. Internet sharing habits: We all watch animal videos.. Sometimes things
    go viral because they have something in it, that we are so used to sharing
    anyway. However, don’t just throw a cat into a video because people like cats.
    It still has to be relevant.

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Minh Saggers
Minh Saggers

Minh Saggers is Upscope's Head of Operations