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The Best Content Distribution tools? Try BuzzStream

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
The Best Content Distribution tools? Try BuzzStream

It would be nice to have a little black book of contacts for outreach. Knowing your audience is relatively easy, finding them and managing them is the difficult part. BuzzStream is the natural tool to build a database but one where the ground up work is sped up without diluting it. This is a quick overview of how Buzzstream collects data and helps you spread the word.

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Hey, it’s Stephanie here. Today, I’m going to show you how BuzzStream can help you conduct efficient outreach without losing the personalised relationship-based approach you need to get results. This leads to more buzz and more links.

Let’s say we’re working with a video game company that’s created a great piece of content.

We’re looking for influencers who’ll share it.

Visit the site and click to add to database

I’ll start by visiting a video game news site that might be interested.

It looks like a good fit, so i’ll hit the buzz marker, Buzzstream’s chrome extension, and add it to our database.


Automatically find contact information

BuzzStream will automatically discover contact info and bylines for me, I can add a few more tags and notes, and make sure it sin the right project, I can also assign this to someone else on my team, but I’ll leave it assigned to me for now.

When I’m ready, I’ll hit ‘save’.

Click the email button, choose a template and send.

Now the website had been added to my BuzzStream account, and I can review everything I need to know about it.

If I want to pitch them on my content right now, I can hit this email icon, choose a template, and reach out.

By automating a lot of tedious tasks like finding contact info and managing email templates, BuzzStream allows me and my team to focus on the important things, like building relationships and earning buzz.

Create prospecting lists to use repeatedly

The Buzzmarker also helps you deal with long list opportunities. For example, here I have a list of sites that recently shared video game content. I’ll use BuzzStream to create a prospecting list, BuzzStream will scrape all the links from the page and organise them here on the right.


When I hit start prospecting, BuzzStream will take me from site to site. It can add the good contact to my account ignore the bad ones, and reach out to whoever I want on the way.

If you already have a list of websites or people you want to add to your BuzzStream account, like from a backlink tool, you can use BuzzStream’s import tool to add them.

It becomes your team’s little black book of contacts

But no matter how you get contacts into your BuzzStream account, and no matter who on your team adds them, BuzzStream will automatically organised them into one centralised database. Your teams’ little black book of contacts.

Now you can have everything your team knows in one place, instead of scattered across different spreadsheets.


Alright, let’s use our BuzzStream account to build a campaign, we can start by leveraging BuzzStream to build a list. Going back to my video game content example, I’ll filter my database to only include websites with the tags ‘vide games’ and ‘content’.

Contact them, see the stats, improve the process over time

Now that we have our list, we’ll reach out to them using BuzzStream’s outreach module, BuzzStream’s records response rates of different messages for us, so we can choose the best email template for our campaign. This one looks like it works well, so we’ll go with it.

Now, here in the outreach screen, we have everything in our fingertips to conduct great outreach, in the left pane, we have the team’s full relationship history with the contact. Including emails, tweets, and notes.

We can also see other contact info that BuzzStream has discovered, and if it’s a blog, its RSS feed with recent posts. Here on the right, BuzzStream has automatically filled out merge field from our template, like first name and website name.


Now, I’ll personalise this message based on our relationship and their content to send a great pitch. I can set up follow up reminders, and send now or send later. The BuzzStream will automatically load up our next outreach message.

So that’s just a quick intro to BuzzStream, you can do a lot more like customer fields, ratings, advanced organisation and link management.

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Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

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