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Unedited Responses by 12 Companies on Time Saved by Instant Online Screen sharing

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Unedited Responses by 12 Companies on Time Saved by Instant Online Screen sharing

Giving any customer facing team access to instant and interactive online
screen sharing would naturally result in faster support but what are the hard
numbers? Below we published the unedited responses to the question 'How much
time do you think Upscope co-browsing saves you guys?'

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The email we sent

We used Intercom to send out the email to our top users.

Note: This first response is from a large organisation that fully
benchmarked Upscope's online screen sharing and found that it cut call time by
Some of the other responses below indicate larger amounts but 30% does
appear to be a good assumption to make.

The unedited responses

From all responses, including those below, we've calculated a roughly 43%
reduction in completing sessions

  1. “The primary user is our onboarding team and our data shows that it cuts
    their calls down from 30 mins to about 22 mins, which is fantastic.”

  2. "Hi Joe, Sorry for not replying sooner - I would estimate that we are
    saving at least 40 hours a month."

  3. “It saves me hours everyday. I use it to walk all my customers through
    their account. :) My account overviews went from 30-45 mins down to 20-25

  4. “Cumulatively, I’d say at least 1 man-hour per day.”

  5. "We have reduced our support resolution time from 15 mins to >5
    ! Upscope makes troubleshooting with our clients 100% easier. Not sure
    how we did this before you guys!"

  6. “My meetings used to last 30-40 minutes and they have decreased to 20-25
    . This has helped me make more appointments throughout the day, but
    also help my clients better understand what I am showing them and answering
    the question they are asking by viewing their screen.”

  7. 20 minutes could be a good average.”

  8. “Using Upscope is very situational, and can save us time differently in
    every situation. To give you an idea it can save us up to 30 minutes, and
    to me that’s a very helpful and useful!

  9. "Call time can be anywhere from 45 mins to an hour because we have to
    identify the root cause of the problem, but with Upscope it allows us to see
    what they are seeing and eliminate the guessing game so a 45 minute problem
    can now be a 15 minute problem

  10. “Hi Joe - it does save around 5 minutes each call as prior to this our
    clients had to give our support team access to their agreements through a
    different method.”

  11. “Saves about 5 minutes on every inbound call.”

  12. “I use upscope quite a bit. I don’t know for other reps, but for me, it
    can easily save me about 2 hours a day.”

  13. "We have some very inexperienced users of our product and also technology
    in general. Our team are now able to quickly login into a PC, with their
    permission, in moments rather than minutes. Much less frustration for both
    users and staff."

  14. "My demo range time was from 45 to 60 minutes now its 25 to 35

Why does co-browsing have this impact?

Upscope co-browsing is instant and interactive online
screen sharing.

When a user calls in, you can enter their email to instantly see their

There are no downloads or installs needed for the user or the agent.

You can use YOUR mouse on their screen to click for them.

Who is using this the most?

  • Customer success, customer support and account management teams
    spending anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour doing onboarding and support.

  • Teams supporting customers over the phone or live chat.

  • Teams supporting complicated software and/or non-tech users.

Get started with Upscope co-browsing

Take a look at Upscope co-browsing
to learn more and see a video.

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

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