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Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Upscope’s transcription series will cover many topics. See more on what’s next. If you’re using Intercom, Olark, Drift, LiveChat etc then see what gift Upscope gives your live chat.


Over the next few months the Upscope team will summarise the actionable steps and advice from videos by the greatest speakers on subjects that companies often struggle with. This includes content distribution, marketing, sales, customer success and more.

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About Upscope ‘Give your agents site with co-browsing for live chat’

If you’re using a live chat tool like Intercom, Olark, LiveChat, Drift or something similar, you’ll know that being able to see the user’s screen would mean that your toughest, most time consuming and often frustrated customers would quickly have their problems solved.


Upscope is a service rapidly growing in popularity because it lets you instantly see the user’s screen from your live chat tool. There’s a free trial. Of course ?