Last updated on July 6th, 2023

Upgrade from Zoom Screen Sharing to Zoom Interactive Co-browsing

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Upgrade from Zoom Screen Sharing to Zoom Interactive Co-browsing

You talk at the other person as you show them your screen or they talk at you
by showing you their screen. That's how Zoom screen sharing normally works.
Flipping from one side to the other. The more efficient solution is if you
could both browse on the same page and click, scroll, type and talk together.
It cuts conversation time in half and doubles engagement. That's how Upscope
co-browsing works and now with the new Upscope proxy based system you can
begin a zoom call and switch to interactive screen sharing without any
downloads or installs.

A normal screen sharing session on Zoom

Time taken to explain your product: 20 minutes

Begin by showing them your screen and talking to them while scrolling around
and clicking on things.

Chance of other person falling asleep as you ramble on: 20%

Chance of other person not really listening or understanding and just saying
uh-huh occasionally: 40%

Yes yes, I know, one in 5 don't fall asleep but they may as well be asleep if
we're simply talking at them.

Zoom using Upscope co-browsing

Time taken to explain your product: 10 minutes

Begin by browsing together on the same page.

Chance of other person falling asleep: 0%. They have to move the mouse.
They can't be asleep while moving their own mouse. I've tried.

Chance of other person not really listening or understanding: 5%. They are
talking, clicking, scrolling, typing WITH you. You'll know exactly at which
point they don't understand.

Here's how Upscope co-browsing works

Imagine two mouse cursors on the same page.

Below you can see the customer's mouse cursor on the left and my mouse cursor
on the right, highlighted in red.

Both can scroll, click and type. Together.

Example: Which iPhone should you get? What colour? I'll show

Let's say you have a customer and you want to show them the best iPhone to buy
and the best colour to pick along with the right memory.

This is how you'd do it using Zoom and Upscope co-browsing

  1. Jump on that Zoom call.

  2. Start an Upscope co-browsing session by sending them a unique Upscope link
    which takes them to the website where they sell iPhones.

  3. When they click that link both your mouse cursors will both appear on that
    iPhone website. Your mouse cursor will have your name against it.

  4. Scroll and click in tandem through the website as you chat on Zoom. When
    you reach the right phone they can choose the colour they like by clicking on
    it with their mouse cursor. You choose the phone memory they should get by
    clicking on it with your mouse cursor.

Below you can see the customer's cursor and your cursor (this time labelled

You're collaborating together to complete any screen sharing session in half
the time rather than talking at each other.

Other advantages to using Upscope co-browsing

It's pixel perfect. Unlike normal screen sharing Upscope is re-creating
the page's code for you so every single button and field is exactly how you'd
expect to see it. There's no video blur or lag.

No-downloads. There are no additional downloads needed to work with
Upscope co-browsing.

Secure. Mask fields for security. If you're helping people browse on your
own site and they don't want you to see them enter credit card details then
you can hide those by using field masking.

Getting started? Upscope Co-browsing for Zoom is coming soon

We're just putting the finishing touches on our proxy co-browsing. Meanwhile,
you can still get started with Upscope's regular system

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.