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Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

What do you do once you have great content? You want to share it, so more people see it, and continue to share it, so that new people see it! Follow these 6 easy steps to distribute your content and continue to get new clicks on old content. Maximum exposure for your work!


This is the six step process for socializing a blog post. Not only is this process good for brand new content, but guarantees a perpetual life for your content. So, you’ve written a brand spanking new blog post and you’re ready to put it out into the world. How do you do that? Where do you share it? How do you share it? What time do you share? **What can you do to give your content maximum exposure?**

Transcription summary

This six step process is what digital marketer uses for all our new content and what’s more it’s the same process that’s in place for all our old content and all of that **old content is still getting new audiences, **because we followed this process.

  1. Splinter: Splintering your content is the process of breaking off bits and pieces of your content and sharing them on their own. This varies from headlines quotes images questions or even statistics. You want to get it in front of as many people as possible. The goal here is so that people don’t become blind to your content when you’re sharing it over and over again. You always want to plan on putting it in front of new people and keeping their interest.
  2. Visaulize: Visual content is necessary to drive engagement and clicks on social media. Quote boxes, images, infographics, gifs and screenshots. By adding these, it will keep the content fresh. It makes sure that when people are scrolling on social media, you’re showing them something different, that makes them stop.
  3. Broadcast: Before you start sharing your post all over the internet, you need to create the proper links and remember you can’t optimize what you don’t measure. You need to make sure your links are prepared to capture those clicks, capture time on the page, and tell you as much information about your audience as possible, so that you can keep creating content they want to read. By doing this, you have the information you need to guide the way you create content. As the link is fairly long, consider using Bit.ly to shorten it.
  4. Tagging: The longer reach you can get for your content, the better. The chances are, with your content you’ve used some great examples. You’ve mentioned other people in your industry, and you should absolutely use this as an opportunity for networking.When broadcasting a post, tag people, tag brands and tag hashtags, wherever it makes sense.
  5. Monitoring: This is really important, as most of the social media action will occur in the first 48 to 72 hours of your brand new content being online. It is essential to monitor immediate performance, to justify continuing exposure for that content.
  6. **Schedule: **Scheduling your content into a social media management tool results in perpetual sharing and content distribution, with no action needed from you after loading it into your library. This means that your content will continue breathing, and continue getting eyeballs on it with no further effort from you.


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Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

Natasha Hoke was Upscope's head of marketing.