Posted on August 25th, 2021

Imagine if you had Your Own Personal Experts for Everything

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Imagine if you had Your Own Personal Experts for Everything

When you can interactively guide someone across the internet using new technology, what does that allow? Here we explore some scenarios for the underlying benefit of new tech that Upscope is building.

Let's say you have enough money to hire experts to make your life awesome.

You can ask them to remotely do anything for you.

Example 1: Your holiday expert for a one week trip to Barcelona

Imagine for a moment you've got the greatest Barcelona holiday expert on the planet. This is someone who has stayed in 1,000 places in Barcelona and knows it better than anyone.

Without the expert you'd end up spending 5 or 10 hours figuring out the flight, hotel or airbnb, restaurants, events etc and not be certain you've made the best choice.

Here is what the expert does for you in a 1 hour call:

  1. She shows you the best airbnb for your budget range, it's one she stayed at previously and knows it inside out. Once you've selected it, she books it for you.
  2. She tells you the flight she took previously, the airline, the best landing time to go straight to check-in at the airbnb. She books it for you.
  3. She books the restaurant you'll go to that evening. She books the beach side breakfast for the next morning as well.
  4. She lays out multiple options for the week which you can choose any time you feel like it and she'll book it straight away.

In a 1 hour call you've got exactly what you've wanted all booked and ready to go.

You won't have that fear of missing out on a better spot or worrying about the location and what's around it or even figuring out how to book flights and restaurants. It's all described to you and done for you.

Example 2: Your expert for building a business to sell your art

  1. He goes to the government website and fills in the form to set up a new company with the right entries for shareholders, location of the company etc.
  2. He takes you to Godaddy to buy a domain and get the key domain information you need to set up a new Shopify site.
  3. He goes to Shopify to set up a new store, he asks you which theme you prefer and applies that and connects the domain.
  4. He shows you how to upload images of your art and then teaches you how to apply pricing to each and finally publish the store.
  5. He then takes you to Google Ads, sets up an account and tells you how to set up adverts to help market your art to the right people.
  6. He gives you the choice of spending more time with him so he can guide you through content marketing, social media marketing and more.

In 2 or 3 hours you've got adverts running that are bringing people to your new shopify site.

You're able to make money while doing something you love.

Example 3: A car insurance expert for insuring your Audi

This is someone who has worked in the insurance industry, has had to go through the same process as you in insuring an identical Audi.

  1. He takes you to MoneySupermarket and gets you to fill out the quote page, explaining that this is the fastest way to get the latest up to date quotes.
  2. He explains the different options on the form and what to pick and what to look out for.
  3. He actually fills the form in for you as you explain your requirements.
  4. He shows you the results and the explains how each quote is slightly different and what that means.
  5. You tell him which insurance company you prefer and he then goes to that company's website and goes to the right place to begin completing the form. You fill out parts where he does not know the answer.
  6. He submits the form for you.

Rather than spend 5+ hours researching and figuring out what to do you'll get the best answer in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Example 4: Your crypto coins investment expert

All that crypto coin stuff is confusing so you don't get involved but you feel like you're missing out.

  1. She explains to you all the types of crypto coins out there.
  2. She suggests what the best one is, what the risks are and why only want to bet a small amount of your money on it.
  3. You agree an amount to spend and she then goes to Binance, registers for it and sets up your account.
  4. She tells you which apps to download to monitor your crypto.

Rather than spending hours, days, weeks or even months slowly researching and not necessarily knowing anything more than an average investor you instead setup and make a sensible purchase in a hour and know when and how to check up on it.

Your fear of missing out is gone. You can now go to parties and take part in all that great crypto chat. This of course is a joke. Don't do that.

Example 5: The expert that teaches you programming so you can build your own apps

The biggest problem with learning programming is that there are so many languages and courses to take that you don't know where to start and you don't have help at the key points where you are most likely to drop off.

Here's how the expert will work with you over 5 to 6 weeks and keep going at key points where normally you'd give up.

  1. She explains to you how programming languages generally work.
  2. She takes you through the basics of CSS, HTML, Javascript and sets you up rad to use complete the basic web development Code Academy courses for the next 2 weeks.
  3. Following that she takes you on a Ruby on Rails course via Code Academy because it's the simplest language to get started with for a further 2 weeks.
  4. She then takes you through Khan academy courses on SQL, relational databases, non-rel databases and the basics of building a CRUD app.
  5. When you've completed the basic courses she takes you to Replit, sets you up with an account and teaches you how to use it and gets you working with other developers.
  6. She finally suggests Firebase as your first real development environment and helps you through the hardest parts of Github + Firebase deployment of your first website.

On your own you might never have got beyond the basics of HTML, CSS and some of Javascript as typically people give up or don't go much further beyond that point.

Even if you soldiered on, getting setup on Firebase and deploying an app might have taken weeks, assuming you kept up with it.

Instead, having the expert means you were re-assured of having help at key stages.

Over the course of 5 to 6 weeks, you get to build and deploy a basic application and understand the process.

Now you can hire the next expert to help you find a co-founder and build your first software as a service business.

The interactive guidance that helps you do this

In the above scenarios the expert is filling in forms and completing tasks for you.

You can't really do this via screen sharing or over a call. The expert can't go to a random insurance company and fill in the form as if they were you.

You could screen share in theory but that would involve the agent simply telling you what to do as you try and replicate what they're showing you on their screen. Again, they can't fill in the form for you.

The right technology is Upscope's universal co-browsing which allows you and your expert to browse websites across the internet together. You can click together, scroll together and fill in forms together. It looks exactly like having two mouse cursors on the same page working like a team.

You can sign up for Upscope universal co-browsing here to try it out for free.

Upscope's universal co-browsing is a good start. There's more to come. 10X more!

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.