Last updated on July 6th, 2023

Support Customers Like Never Before

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar
Support Customers Like Never Before

Here's how you get your support team, account managers and sales people to hug
you. Give them co-browsing. Why? When they're helping a
tough, less technical customer, they all wish they could snap their fingers
and see that customer's screen AND reach out to click for them. That's what
co-browsing does.

Let's say...

You've got a new user.

They're confused. They're stuck.

They're ready to leave, unsubscribe, cancel, fail to convert, leave a bad
review, try your competitor, say something mean.

What you've already tried when supporting tough users

For 14 minutes, you tried typing lists of instructions on how to
navigate the site.

For 11 minutes, on the phone, you tried to explain where to click and
asked if it worked.

For 8 minutes, you tried to get them to install screen sharing.

What few people have ever done before: Co-browse

You've never clicked one button to instantly see their screen without

You've never DRAWN a circle around the button they should click.

You've never sent your mouse cursor a 1000 miles to appear on THEIR screen
to take control, scroll down and click on a button for them, as they watched.

You've never ended every call knowing you've left them surprised by a unique
new form of support and ready to tell others about the quality of your

What is co-browsing?

The new modern instant screen sharing BUILT for the web.

It does not stream video, it directly passes html and recreates the screen
pixel perfectly
for the support agent.

The user does not download anything.

The support agent does not download anything.

You can see your user moving about on your app in one click.

You can highlight where to click and take control to scroll and click for

What your stats look like with co-browsing

30% reduction in call times.

65% faster conversion of new customers to your product.

19% increase in first time call resolution.

4X increase in positive mentions on social media.

Lower churn, higher conversion and 100% more joy in educating customers.

Who uses co-browsing?

Account managers, customer support and customer success teams who currently
use live chat, phone calls and screen sharing to communicate with customers.

In which industries?

SaaS, health, finance and e-commerce companies.


Yes, see the testimonials here. See the
independent reviews here.

Companies like Square, Applied Data Finance, NurseGrid, DriveCentric and more
use Upscope co-browsing.

Here's a 30 second overview

How can I get started?

Go to Upscope co-browsing and get set up today, for

"Having spent 10 years doing Customer Success and sales this is the best
tool I've ever used. My phone demo time has decreased from over an hour to
just 20 minutes at times with increased knowledge by the user
" Jason,
Director of Sales and Customer

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.