Examples of Using Intercom Educate to Reduce Support Time and Grow

Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

The Intercom Educate (now called Intercom Articles) module lets you create a
library of interlinked articles that answer questions either automatically or
as part of a live chat. It reduces support time and gives you an opportunity
to grow traffic by being SEO friendly.

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See Upscope's Intercom Educate section

Click https://help.upscope.io

Especially look at the co-browsing section
that shows a breakdown of key questions that
people search for.


There are three different ways Intercom Educate is useful

  1. Customers can search through articles and find answers themselves.

  2. Live chat agents can insert articles into conversations to answer

  3. Finally, Intercom Articles is SEO friendly and can
    help bring new users to the site.

In the past, most live chat companies simply had ‘pre-saved’ answers which
involved chatting to someone and adding the ready to go paragraph into the

This is very limited when it comes to educating the user.

With Intercom Educate you can show them a short article that is part of an
entire knowledge base which educates the user over time.

This is a real example of inserting articles into a chat using Intercom


Where does Intercom Educate save the Upscope team time?

Upscope integrates with live chat by showing you the user’s screen in one
click while having a conversation.

Even with a simple integration we get questions from new users like:

  1. Why can’t I see my screenshare link? This most often means they need to
    refresh the page but we send them our troubleshooting

    in case it’s not just a refresh, they may not have added our set up code.

  2. How is this different to GoToAssist or {insert screen sharing tool
    here}? Well, it’s co-browsing so it’s not old school screen sharing,
    there’s none of that installs nonsense. We just insert an article that
    explains the difference between screen sharing and co-browsing i.e. this

Can you imagine having to type that out each day? No thanks. Never again!

First contact resolution and the overall speed difference is incredible. No
more typing the same thing again and again, you can instead send them to a
well written and linked help section article and they’ll happily educate

is a perfect example of how we evolved in using the Intercom Educate module.

Why does a technology like Intercom Educate have such an impact?

Intercom Educate is a knowledge base that is open to both agents and users.

The statistics behind ordering and managing information make a lot of sense
once you’ve used that module extensively:

  • Contact center agents spend 16% of their time seeking relevant content

  • Knowledge management users achieve 77% greater annual improvement in agent
    productivity (11.0% vs. 6.2%) and 2.6 times greater annual increase in first
    contact resolution rates (6.2% vs. 2.4%), compared to non-users.

  • Most savings result primarily from increasing agent productivity, which
    means that companies require fewer agents to handle the same level of customer
    requests. This increases agent utilization rates and decreases labor costs.
    Since knowledge management users also improve first contact resolution rates,
    they decrease unnecessary telephone and other communications costs related to
    handling repeat customer contacts caused when customer needs aren’t addressed
    at the first point of contact. Collectively, these enable knowledge management
    users to decrease cost per customer contact by 1.2% YOY, versus non-users
    observing 2.1% worsening (increase in costs).


Intercom Educate is also SEO friendly

When you write answers to questions in a way that has meaning to users and
agents who are searching for those answers, this also is great for SEO as
user’s sometimes google for those same terms.

Intercom Educate can and does bring Upscope more traffic but we’re currently
going further with it. To see what else we’re doing to improve our SEO
rankings within both our blog and our Intercom Educate module, click

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.