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Transform support into an enjoyable experience for both your customers and agents

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    Faster onboarding and support sessions

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    Less stress with non-tech savvy customers

Work side-by-side with your customer

Feel like remote chat or phone support would be easier if you were could simply show them what to do? With co-browsing you'll have exactly that power.

Qualitative benefits

For teams

Teams using Upscope develop better relationships with customers by being empathetic teachers of their application, rather than typing instructions or lecturing customers on what to do.

For your customers

Customers build muscle memory and therefore confidence in using your application. There’s no fear of having to download screen‑sharing software and go through multiple steps. There’s no exposing private folders, messy desktops, or other open tabs and articles. It’s a secure and effortless experience.


One finance company’s onboarding and support staff were tasked with helping time‑poor retail customers through a complicated user interface.

Each day they’d try and guide them over the phone, describing where to scroll to, where to click, and hope the customer understood their instructions. When they added Upscope Co‑browsing, they were able to enter the customer’s email address into Upscope to instantly see that customer’s screen.

Not only that but they could send their mouse over the web to the customer’s screen to click for them. Upscope led to a 30% reduction in call handling time.

Use cases and proof of concept

Insurance companies are changing the stereotypical experience of customers anxiously staring at a wall of forms. They’re using Upscope to work with the customer through forms while explaining input fields that would normally cause abandonment.
Health companies use Upscope’s HIPAA compliant solution for supporting EHR systems, scheduling services and more.

Finance companies using Upscope gain a secure Co‑browsing solution with complete control over data storage and transfer as well as deeper integrations via the API and on‑premise options.


SaaS has evolved from a mentality of build it and they will come to customer service is key, from slow email support to instant live chat, from occasional last resort download based screen sharing to instant rapid Co‑browsing. This is why Upscope Co‑browsing has become a default addition to SaaS onboarding and support processes.

Get proof of concept

Upscope provides a proof of concept through helping enterprises integrate, test and run extended trials to benchmark usage and impact. Once rolled out, using our flexible intelligent pricing, you can adjust your account to fit your changing requirements by increasing and decreasing your licenses.

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