Calculating co-browsing ROI

Below we’ll show options on calculating ROI with a primary focus on productivity gains and additional points on conversion and retention, staff satisfaction and NPS and CSAT.

ROI reporting by company priority

ROI reporting priorities depend on company priorities because it benefits conversions, speed of onboarding, customer satisfaction ratings and more. Below are a few areas Upscope Co-browsing has impacted:

  • Productivity gains. Productivity gains from Upscope co-browsing include reducing time taken to resolve repeat queries or doing onboarding sessions by anything up to 43%. We give a full breakdown further below.
  • Conversion and retention. In some cases the primary benefit of co-browsing is in increasing conversions. If the primary problem that users have is in understanding an application then they may spend more time but convert more often. This is because the customer takes the opportunity co-browsing gives them to learn about an application. Why? First, your agents may use Co-browsing more often with customers and suddenly both sides can understand the real gaps in knowledge. Second, with co-browsing, you’re clicking, scrolling and typing together to learn the product more effectively. When a customer truly understands how to use a product they are less likely to churn.
  • Staff satisfaction. It impacts staff satisfaction by streamlining their work so they don’t feel as if they’re repeating the same questions again and again. They become effective teachers and problem solvers and not just an extension of an automated system.
  • NPS and CSAT. The novelty of co-browsing and having problems fixed faster while learning the system impacts both short term CSAT and the longer term NPS.

Calculating ROI via productivity gains

Below are example calculations for cost savings for a contact center that has repetitive support queries and for an onboarding team doing multiple onboarding sessions each day.

Example 1: Your contact center is repeatedly getting the same queries

If many support queries contain the same or similar questions then calculating time spent is simpler.

For example, the following questions each take up to 20 seconds.

  • What page are you on?
  • Do you see settings at the top?
  • Do you see an error on the page?
  • Are you sure you’re logged in?

These other queries can take several minutes each

Can you send me a screenshot? You may have filled in the form incorrectly, can you type in… Do you use Zoom or Google meet? Let’s set up a screen share.

Productivity gains for a contact center with 100 staff

We’re going to assume the following: 100 agents handling 50 support queries each per day. The average support query time is 5 minutes means they spend 25,000 minutes a day answering queries. The average annual salary is $31,200.

What does a 1 minute reduction in 20% of support queries result in? $124,800 annual savings.

Every company is different so let’s say at first you only use co-browsing for 20% of queries. Reducing even 20% of queries from 5 minutes to 4 minutes means you save 1,000 minutes per day across a team of 100. That’s the equivalent of hiring 4 additional people.

Thats 4 x $31,200 salary = $124,800 annual savings.

What’s the saving if it’s used on 50% of support queries? $312,000 saved annually

If used on 50% of support queries it becomes $312,000 saved annually where a team of 100 are at the productivity level of a team of 110.

Example 2. Your company has structured onboarding and demo processes:

Some of the largest savings in time are made when an existing onboarding process is switched from old-school download-based screen sharing to Upscope co-browsing. It can save up to 43% of an onboarding specialist’s time during a session.

Why does it have such an impact?

The time taken to set up a screen share and begin a session can be from 1 to 5 minutes. Then, with traditional screen sharing, you’re still either:

  • Talking and showing your screen to the customer or
  • Seeing their screen and directing them verbally.

It’s not interactive.

How interactive co-browsing changes the process

  • Your mouse cursor is right there with them on their page, clicking together and even typing with them.
  • You cut out any need for verbal directions and instead focus on explaining the why behind an action.
  • A 30 minute onboarding session becomes a 20 minute onboarding session which is a 33% saving.

5 onboarding specialists do the work of 6

  • Given a 10 minute saving every session with 5 onboarding agents running 10 sessions a day, means over 8 hours saved per day.
  • Taking into account average salaries for onboarding specialists, that’s a saving of $43,000. A team of 5 is doing what a team of 6 would do.
  • Given a team larger team of 20 doing the work of 24 that would result in an annual saving of $172,000.

Unedited responses on time saved by Upscope co-browsing

We sent out an email asking our customers “how much time co-browsing saved them.” Below are the unedited responses:

  • The primary user is our onboarding team and our data shows that it cuts their calls down from 30 mins to about 22 mins, which is fantastic.
  • Hi Joe, Sorry for not replying sooner – I would estimate that we are saving at least 40 hours a month.
  • It saves me hours everyday. I use it to walk all my customers through their account. My account overviews went from 30-45 mins down to 20-25 mins.
  • Cumulatively, I’d say at least 1 man-hour per day.
  • We have reduced our support resolution time from 15 mins to >5 mins! Upscope makes troubleshooting with our clients 100% easier. Not sure how we did this before you guys!
  • My meetings used to last 30-40 minutes and they have decreased to 20-25 minutes. This has helped me make more appointments throughout the day, but also help my clients better understand what I am showing them and answering the question they are asking by viewing their screen.
  • 20 minutes could be a good average.
  • Using Upscope is very situational, and can save us time differently in every situation. To give you an idea it can save us up to 30 minutes, and to me that’s a very helpful and useful!
  • Call time can be anywhere from 45 mins to an hour because we have to identify the root cause of the problem, but with Upscope it allows us to see what they are seeing and eliminate the guessing game so a 45 minute problem can now be a 15 minute problem.
  • Hi Joe – it does save around 5 minutes each call as prior to this our clients had to give our support team access to their agreements through a different method.
  • Saves about 5 minutes on every inbound call.
  • I use Upscope quite a bit. I don’t know for other reps, but for me, it can easily save me about 2 hours a day.
  • We have some very inexperienced users of our product and also technology in general. Our team are now able to quickly login into a PC, with their permission, in moments rather than minutes. Much less frustration for both users and staff.
  • My demo range time was from 45 to 60 minutes now its 25 to 35 minutes.
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