Combine Upscope cobrowsing with the secure live chat and AI platform WhosOn

WhosOn Overview

Integration type

Live chat omni-channel ecosystem

Key features

With WhosOn, you get the smartest live chat features available – spanning bots, advanced analytics, conversational automation, and more

Cobrowse alongside your chat users

Via a slick integration, WhosOn contact centre agents can effortlessly co-browse with customers during a live chat session. So, when plugged into WhosOn, the integration means you can see what chat users are seeing with only a single-click cobrowsing request.

• Co-browsing via Upscope is an add-on feature available on request in your WhosOn portal

• Once rolled into your account, you can manage co-browsing as you would any other feature via your WhosOn settings portal

• Operators with co-browsing permissions can click to send a screen-share request to users in active live chat sessions, for hands-on support with tricky web processes

• If accepted, the user can share their screen effortlessly – no download required from either party

• The operator in a co-browsing session can highlight/annotate the user’s screen, or take control as needed