Invite Team Members

Invite team members to your account

You can choose to:

  1. Directly invite them by entering their email into the Team members section in the left hand menu.

  2. Alternatively, you can enable the option in your general settings > Team setting and SSO to let anyone with the same domain name sign up without an invite. For example, if you worked at then anyone with an email address can sign up themselves without you needing to invite them, once this option is enabled.

Add teammates without being charged for them

If you're on a payment plan with a set number of agents, you can still add additional teammates for managing team members or billing, without having to pay more. They're only counted as agents if they actively screen share.

Changing Team Owner

If you'd like to transfer your team's ownership to another user, the team owner can simply select Team members from the left-hand menu and under TRANSFER TEAM OWNERSHIP click the button transfer ownership this will take them to a page where they can input the email of the new owner. (If the new owner is not a member of the team please invite them before trying to transfer ownership)
The transfer will take place immediately and you'll be converted to a regular user.

Team Access Levels

Not all team members require the same type of permissions. If you're a team owner, you're able to set up team permissions and give certain access to team members within your Upscope app. 

To do this, go to General Settings -> Team Members. Beside each team member, there are 8 icons indicating the types of permissions. To activate or deactivate each one, simply click on it to turn it green or red. 

Here's a brief description on what each icon means:

Visitor List - user can view a list of visitors connected to the website

Co-browsing - user can watch all user's screens

General Settings - user can access general settings and make changes

User Management - user can manage the team's users

Activity Log & Audit - user can access the team's activity logs

Billing - user can pay for the team and manage the billing settings

Remote Console - user can remotely execute console commands (if this setting is enabled)

Data Removal - user can delete metadata of visitors

Reporting - user can view reporting and usage analytics