How to use Upscope with Intercom

See what your customer sees and guide them using the Upscope Co-browsing app for Intercom.

Before you install the app

Please be sure you've added the Upscope javascript snippet to all pages you wish to screen share on as per the sign-up instructions.

Your Upscope account owner can find the javascript snippet within their general settings under installation.
Now you're ready to install the Upscope Intercom app from the Intercom app store and begin screen share sessions directly from within a chat.

Install the Upscope App from the Intercom app store

Upscope has an official Intercom app.

  1. Download our app 

  2. Connect Intercom and Upscope by going to the 'Integrations' tab in Upscope General Settings. 

Make sure you are the owner or have permissions to change settings within Upscope. How to give access to other team members

3. Request authorization to screenshare via the actual chat by clicking on the apps icon.

Within every intercom chat there's an apps icon at the bottom as shown below. Click that and you'll see the Upscope app.

Once you click on the Upscope app, the customer is sent the following request within the chat which they click to give you permission to begin screen sharing.

4. After the user accepts, you will receive an internal note with a link that will take you to their screen in another tab.

5. Screenshare!

Intercom Integration Troubleshooting

Below we've listed some key points on fixing common issues with Upscope's Intercom integration.

1. Reload Intercom and ask the customer to reload their page

Intercom will need to be reloaded after you add a new attribute. Make sure you and all your agents reload the intercom app.

The customer might already be on your site when you've added the Upscope javascript snippet. They'll need to reload the page for the snippet to be active. Once they've refreshed they'll appear within the user list and the Upscope Intercom integration will also work.

2. Make sure the code is on the page you wish to screen share on

The Upscope javascript snippet needs to be on all pages that you wish to screen share on. The most common reason for "user not found" type errors is not having the code on the page along with not having refreshed the page after you've installed Upscope for the first time.

3. Check whether Upscope sees intercom

After the page has loaded, open up the inspector / console. Then type the following:


An alert should open up with the word intercom  in it.

The alert does not have intercom  in it.

If the alert has the word undefined or null  in it, you will need to ensure that the Upscope code snippet is loaded after Intercom. All you need to do is paste our code below Intercom's.

If the alert has any other word in it, you might have multiple live chat systems installed on your website. Please get in touch with our team for help.

4. Take a look at the console log

On your page, open the console / inspector and type the following.

localStorage.debug = 'upscope:integrations'

Then, reload the page while keeping the console open. You should see debugging information about the integration.

5. Contact our team

If none of the above fixed the problem, you will need to contact our team through intercom or at

Please provide a way for our tech team to access the page you are attempting to integrate Upscope and Intercom on, as we wouldn't be able to assist you otherwise. If you can't provide access, please provide a pastebin link with the code that loads both Intercom and Upscope.