Here are the steps to integrate HelloScreen with JivoChat.

The objective is to create a screen-sharing link within JivoChat to instantly screen-share with a customer when they need help.

Below you can see how the screen-sharing link appears on the right-hand side of the JivoChat panel and is labeled "Start a screen share".

How to create your own screen sharing link within JivoChat

Step 1

Add the Upscope javascript snippet to all the pages you wish to screen share on. You can find your Upscope snippet within your settings under installation here.

Step 2

Allow clickable links within JivoChat by going to JivoChat > settings > channels and clicking on "Integration settings for developers"

Then enter in into the Safe Base Url field.

Step 3

To make the screensharing link appear within JivoChat you need to add some extra code to your pages below the widget code:

<script type="text/javascript">
  function jivo_onLoadCallback() {
    Upscope('getWatchLink', function(link) {
          content: "Start a screenshare",
          link: link

What does this code do?

  1. It waits for the JivoChat to load.

  2. It then uses the HelloScreen getWatchLink function to generate a unique URL for that user's screen which you can use to screen share.

Now, for all new chats, you'll see a screen share link appear within the JivoChat panel. Please be sure to refresh both JivoChat and the client side if you're testing.