Re:amaze live chat integration

Re:amaze has an incredible feature set with multiple integrations that include e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify etc. It's an understated application on the surface that is a beast underneath.

Once you've created your account you'll need to install their javascript code which you build using their awesome widget builder. Paste this code above the closing </head> tag and you're running.

As with all live chat integrations, the process of adding Upscope is simple. You don't need to set up and create any special integrations between the two apps, simply paste the Upscope installation code below the Re:amaze code. 

You can see that the Re:amaze code sits above the closing </head> tag and below that we've pasted the Upscope installation code that sits within your settings. 

That's it. Done.

When customers message you via the Re:amaze Shoutbox or Lightbox, the incoming message displayed within the Reamaze UI will now include a screen sharing link.

Please reference Re:amaze's support article on the Upscope integration for further information and their recommendations.