HelloScreen Session Basics

During the session

There are a set of features that help you to guide your client through the session, some may not appear depending on what features your team owner has enabled:


Highlight parts of the page by using the highlighter.


The spotlight tool draws attention to a part of the page by greying out everything else around it.


A more hands-on approach than the spotlight or highlighter, the cursor tool gives you the ability to scroll, type, and click on their screen.

Audio Calling

Start an audio call over the browser clicking on the green phone icon at the bottom of the page.

Note that if the audio call request for the client doesn’t appear it is most likely due to the client having an ad-blocker on their browser.


Take notes during the call, if you have an Intercom integration these will be pushed to the ticket.

Bring a teammate into the session

Need to bring in the next tier support or a topic specialist? Send them a link of the page URL and get them to join the session (including audio if on a call), just make sure they also have an Upscope account!

Even if you leave, as long as the other person stays on the session it can be handed off and continue without you.

Ending the session

The session ends when:

  • You or the client click on ‘end session’ in the bottom left corner of the screen

  • The client closes the tab and any other tabs that have your site up

  • 10 minutes of inactivity (unless there is an audio call active)

Post session


You’ll be asked to rate the session, where you can leave any feedback or report an issue with the session. We appreciate your thoughts and will always be happy to help if there is a problem!


Some integrations involve any notes that were taken during the call to be pushed into the a ticket associated with the session.


Session recordings can be found in the app, if your organization has enabled them, every session is recorded (apart from audio).

If you have settings rights, you can view them along with other details of previous co-browsing sessions here.