Co-browsing and HIPAA compliance

Upscope is HIPAA compliant and ISO27001 certified with signed BAAs, immutable audit logs and individual access controls.


Upscope co-browsing is the modern secure form of screen sharing giving you complete control over which user data is passed through servers and displayed to support agents.

In addition, you only see the user’s browser tab containing your own website and no other 3rd party tabs or confidential desktop folders.

Signed BAAs

We meet all the key physical, technical and administrative requirements of HIPAA including having signed BAAs with all key 3rd party providers.

Data storage and transmission

  • Upscope’s servers are run via AWS in their secure North Virginia data centre.

  • You only transmit data only while screen sharing. We only store metadata about your users such as their location, IP address, last activity timestamp, and optionally their identity. No page content is ever sent to our server unless screen sharing is initiated.

  • Hide sensitive parts of the page. Easily hide sensitive parts of the page or specific form fields (such as SSN or credit card information) by selecting the element to hide in our dashboard. Portions of the page hidden with Upscope never leave the user's browser.

  • Remote control limited to the browser. Unlike other screen sharing systems where the user has to install software or at the very least an extension, Upscope allows your agents to control the user's browser (limited to clicks and scrolls) with no installs required, making the experience safer and smoother for both agent and user.

  • Enforced SSL. All your user's data is only transmitted via secure SSL connections.

Immutable Audit logs

Every action your team takes on Upscope (except for screen sharing session details) is recorded and accessible in the admin console. Each log item contains a hash of the previous entry to prove no item is changed or removed.

Access Controls

Upscope provides role based access controls for restricting which personnel can conduct screen sharing sessions with users. 

What companies are saying
“Upscope not only enhances our User Success team’s capabilities with Intercom, but improves the experience for customers using our platform. With Upscope, we’re able to dive directly into the current experience of any platform user to easily identify browser or hardware inconsistencies when troubleshooting.

“Additionally, the ability to educate a user on unfamiliar functionality using the spotlight tool has been incredibly beneficial in saving time typically spent writing out lengthy explanations, and instead enabled us to provide an immersive educational experience at a moment’s notice.”

Alex Calvert, Director of Accounts at NurseGrid

“We ask our users to complete some complicated tasks in our platform, like taking pictures and recording videos. For years we have sought a tool that allows us to provide live in-app support to users without requiring them to download plug-in’s, or use third party “online meeting” applications. Upscope is the tool we’ve always hoped for, and it’s a game changer for our business!”

John Brownlee, CEO at

Further information

You can find more information on security including data storage and options on white labelling / on premise solutions on our security page here.

About Upscope

Upscope is a London based organization founded in 2015 and used by health, finance and SaaS companies worldwide.