Initiating A Session

There are multiple ways of starting a session, so determine how your company has implemented the solution.

Live chat

HelloScreen co-browsing is available for a number of live chat systems and the installation is a simple copy and paste in most cases. Visit the Integrations page to find more complete instructions on how to integrate HelloScreen with the Live Chat tool you are using.

How do you create the integration?

  1. Paste the HelloScreen installation code on the same page as the live chat code.

  2. A unique screen share link will appear for each customer conversation within the live chat interface. Click that link to launch a co-browsing session with the client.

Get started now and integrate Upscope into your live chat system by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for the free HelloScreen trial on the home page

  2. Get your installation code from your settings

  3. Paste that code below your live chat code

Integration Apps

Note: In some cases, HelloScreen has a more complete integration in the form of a custom built app which you can typically add to the live chat system via their marketplace. Currently Upscope has custom apps for Intercom, Zendesk, LiveChat, Frontapp. You can search on their marketplaces for the "Upscope co-browsing" integration and add it. Each of the live chat systems contains details on how to install the custom app if it has one.

Phone / Helloscreen app

Depending on how Helloscreen has been set up for your team, you may see a list of users on

While on a call with a client, head to the Helloscreen app ( where you can find them using the search bar.

This shows the most recent online users, where you can use the search engine to start a session.

You can typically search by email, name, location, lookup code, or page URL.

Request Agent Button

Clients can request a co-browsing session with a button placed on your site. An alert is sent to the main app page and the user requesting help will appear at the top of the page.

To activate this, go to General Settings -> Request agent button. Here, you can decide when the button should appear (all the time, never, or when an agent is available), where it's placed on your website, and what the pop-up alert message says. 

How to build your own button

If you'd like to create your own button and customize how it looks, follow the steps below: 

  1. Make sure your site has the code from installed already

  2. To display the button only when agents are online, listen for agentsAvailable  events.

  3. To ask for an agent, use Upscope('requestAgent'); . You can cancel the request before it is accepted by calling Upscope('cancelRequestAgent') 

  4. To know the status of the request, listen to the agentRequestUpdate event

Initiating a Session: Troubleshooting

Unable to Connect to user

User not found

The system is unable to find the user, the underlying problem may be:

  1. The user hasn't refreshed the page since you installed Upscope, ask them to refresh the page and try again.

  2. Upscope is not installed on the page, you'll need to make sure it's installed, head to for the installation code and instructions.

User not online

  1. Make sure they're on a page that Upscope is installed on.

  2. If you're attempting a co-browsing session with an email ticket on a chat service, you won't be able to.

  3. Check whether their browser is supported, we support IE11 and above and the recent Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.