How to Integrate with Freshdesk

How to make the screenshare link appear on the side of the Freshchat interface so you can instantly co-browse with any customer during chats.

Upscope co-browsing is instant and interactive screen sharing where a support agent chatting to a customer can not only see what they see in one click, without downloads, they can send their cursor over the internet to appear on the customer's screen and click and scroll for them.

With Upscope you can make your toughest least tech savvy customers feel comfortable by clicking and scrolling for them on their screen as if you're sitting right there.

To integrate Upscope into Freshchat, you'll need to:

  1. Install Upscope on the page. Installation code can be found here.

  2. In Upscope, go to your Settings >> Integrations and click on Freshchat to generate a token.

  3. Copy that Token and go to the Freshchat Marketplace

  4. After installing the app, paste in the Token you copied from Upscope when prompted.

  5. Within Freshworks go to your Admin Settings ยป Contacts, under Basic information create a new text field called upscope_screenshare.